Givenchy Nightingale bag!

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  1. I purchased a black medium matte givenchy nightingale bag back in August and now I am considering purchasing yet another because the bag is just amazing. But I've run into a dilemma; I am not familiar with all the colors that it came in.

    Does anyone know if Givenchy ever produced a tan/caramel color in the nightingale style? If it's been produced before then I will definitely start my hunt. My wardrobe kinda needs a tan handbag right now.

  2. Hi- sorry I'm not familiar with the colors but I have a question for you because I was admiring the bag myself...

    Why exactly do you like the bag so much? How does it function for you? I'm not sure the shape or handles would work the way I need them to.

    Barney's always has tons- I'm sure you could find the color you want there.

    Thanks in advance for any info:smile:
  3. I think the nightingale came mostly in muted, neutral colours, i.e. black, white, grey, muddy etc. and in regular as well as patent leather. Have fun deciding on the colour, it's a lovely bag :tup:
  4. in all honesty i like the bag for it's functionality. I have the choice of carrying it on the crook of my arm or by the strap. The leather is superb so whenever I wear it by the strap on my shoulder it slouches beautifully unlike my Balenciaga bags where it lies kinda awkwardly on my side. Don't get me wrong though I love my balenciagas but i have gotten rid of all my city bags because at times it was uncomfortable.

    The givenchy bag though is deep too so I can just stuff and stuff it with various odds and ends and it continues to look cuter and cuter! I currently live in New York and in school so I usually start my day with just a wallet, small book, moleskine notebook, cosmetic bag, small coin purse, and a bottle of water but by the end of the day I have a sandwich, water bottle, various pieces of paper, pens, a sweater, etc and the bag just holds up really well and this is usually when I carry it by the strap.

    lastly the style and shape is timeless and will never go out of style. It's very versatile bag.

    i love it and should definitely give it a try. Just make sure you get the medium because the large is BIG!
  5. I love the look of the Nightingale but don't own one. My two 'deep totes' are by Gucci and Dent's UK. I go through short spells of using them all the time, but then switch to my Balenciaga bags which always seem to win out these days! I'e never seen the Nightingale in an array of bright colours, so maybe the shades are muted.
  6. ^ that is what i am wondering.

    i know last year they came out with grass green, electric blue, and like brown and black all in patent leather but i'm still curious to know if they've produced a tan/caramel shade?
  7. I have a nightingale in a nudeish shade. Its sort of a nude with pink undertones. LOVE it, the bag and style as well as the color its a great neutral.