Givenchy newbie here...need advice on leather! Regarding Nightingale...

  1. Hey guys! I am a total Givenchy newbie. I am usually a Balenciaga and Celine girl. Lately, the Nightingale has caught my eye. I want a medium one in black. My question I do calfskin, goatskin or zanzi leather? (What is Zanzi leather by the way??) The goatskin seems very matte and grainy, and the calfskin seems really shiny. Zanzi seems like it's in the middle. I am so confused.........thoughts? Also I think I prefer black handles versus the gold emblem on the handles....what do you think? Any black medium nightingale owners wanna chime in? Photos would be awesome as well! Sorry for all the questions, I am just so confused with all the different leathers! LOL Thanks in advance!!!:graucho:
  2. Ok, I did some research, and I see that Zanzi is sheepskin. (very soft)
    Hmmmm, how does this zanzi compare to calfskin? Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. This also confuses me. I know my nightingale in the site description it said lambskin. But when I received the bag the description on the receipt said Zanzi leather, but the actual tag on the bag states lambskin. I know lamb turns into sheep but does it mean it's the same leather? I'd assume it would be different.
  4. I have a nightingale in lambskin. I haven't started carrying it. It does look delicate to me, but the nightingale slouches nicely in lambskin IMO. Calf leather might be more durable, but it will take time to get soften. Bag is meant to be used! Even a calf leather bag is not 100% scratch resistant :smile: so go with whichever leather you fall in love at first sight. Go and try it :smile:
  5. I just got a nightingale in lambskin! it is buttery soft and it falls really nice when I use the strap on shoulder! LOVE IT!
    The only downside is: I bought it on the 8th so it has been 2 weeks and I got a few scratches on it already (probably my nails)! Well I does love my bags and I do baby my bags! I do put them inside the dust bag everytime I got home. I will probably get the spray to have it more scratch resistant!
    Overall, I love my bag :heart: it is a really amazing bag!
  6. there's a thread in this forum re G leathers...
  7. I just received my nightingale in goatskin and it smells divine. The leather is medium in thickness but still slouches . It is matte and the leather is finely pebbled. Similar to the hamilton series if balenciaga.
    I had a lambskin before which i let go because i found it too soft. I want some kind of "body" in my handbag.
    My friend has a nightingale in calf leather purchased in 2011. It has a nice thick leather that has stand the test of time. She has been using it over a year now and it still looks new. It has a nice sheen to it too. The leather is smooth.

    In my opinion the lambskin is the lightest, followed by goatskin and the most thick is the calf leather.

    Am not an expert but just want to share my observations. Hope this helps.

  8. THANK YOU guys all so much for your responses! I agree, I think lambskin (zanzi) is the softest, most delicate, and calf is more durable. I am going to try some on in person and let you know what I think! Is this bag easy to carry?
  9. Hey Julie! I have a very old and very loved (but the leather still gorgeous!!) Nightingale in black...sorry not sure the leather type since I bought it secondhand and I don't think it says it in the bag. I love this bag! It is super practical, durable, and the straps are wide and padded as a satchel and the shoulder strap has to be the most comfortable strap ever!!