Given a choice, Which brand would you choose ?

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Given a choice,Which brand (bag ) would you pick ?

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs

  2. Rebecca Minkoff

  3. Tory Burch

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am still undecided which bag to add to my collection.
    Like other purse addicts, I would also like to try new designers.
    Can you help me out and share which of the three handbag brands would you pick given a choice and why that particular brand ? ;)

    TIA !
  2. ETA: Didn't see your poll.
  3. #3 Sep 22, 2011
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2011
    Also, your photo has Chanel logo, are there brands you've stuck with so that we don't repeat what you already have?

  4. lovelies,pls. check my poll.Thanks :smile:
  5. I am not too keen on Tory Burch.

    I'd choose either RM or MBMJ. I used to be a huge MJ fan, but I must admit that I cooled off due to quality issues. It really depends on which style you choose though, even MBMJ still has some really great and well made bags. This season, I really like the Voyage line ( for ex.)

    With RM, I never owned one of her bags, but I know she is loved for making good quality bags with a clean style. I actually find her to be quite similar to MBMJ (I think she used to work for him, that's probably why).

    Let us know what you choose!
  6. I just saw your poll, voted! I really like MbMJ!
  7. OOps, too early in the morning here--better have more coffee. Totally missed the poll:blush:

    Okay, I voted MBMJ--surefire, good quality, classic and trendy styles, well established.

    However, I do have 3 Minkoffs, and have never been disappointed with the quality.

    No experience with TB.

  8. No worries hun :smile: thank you for sharing your faves...Which 3 minkoffs do you own ?I am very interested to know :smile: xx
  9. I voted for RM, but I don't have anything against MBMJ or Tory Burch. Most TB bags I have seen are make me think of bags to wear to an office (although I own a TB canvas tote that I use for a beach bag). MBMJ bags more often have a casual/youthful vibe, and RM usually has a decent variety. I own a MAM, Nikki and a MAC, and they are all great bags IMO.
  10. thank you for sharing.So I guess it's not an issue for you if the bags are Made in China ? I am thinking of purchasing the MAB and been informed that the bag is Made in China. I don't own a RM bag and haven't touch one ..not yet :smile: Just curious about your opinion on this.
  11. ^ I don't mean to be flippant, but isn't practically everything made in China? If I went by the philosophy of only buying Made in USA or Made in Italy (when in actuality the materials and or item was partially assembled in China/Guatemala/Malaysia, etc anyway), I'd probably be naked most of the time. Yep, just looked, my jeans, sweater, and tank top are made in China. :shrugs:
  12. You certainly did not specify that you wanted your bags made in any certain country. If you are curious about that, you should search the forum, as there are several threads/discussions about 'made in China', etc.

    I thought this thread was about choosing which brand we'd choose?
  13. Yup.. Sad but true :sad:
    I honestly don't care if it's Made in China.. what I care is the quality.
  14. Are you in the U.S.?
  15. This thread is not about Made in china or anywhere. It was just an additional question about the RM bag bec. I do not own an RM bag yet and I am also curious to know about the quality of the brand that is also why I asked about why do you choose the brand etc.. ? I am studying these brands bec. I do not own any of them.That is just all. No attacks on Made in China whatsoever.

    @indiaink asked about my whereabouts..I am here in Japan and yes,even here we are used to Made in China stuffs.

    Please do not put a big meaning about my questions. There is no deeper meaning about the Made in China.I was just asking that is all.