Giuseppe Zanotti for better prices than Elux??

  1. I'm normally a constant on the LV forum but I'm having some shoe love going on tonight and need some advice.

    I'm in love with these shoes!

    Any place have them less than elux? I really don't wanna spend that on them. lol. I'd throw it down in a sec for LV or Chanel but surely they run a sale on these at some point? lol

    If you guys think I can't get a better deal I might go ahead and get 'em but I'd really like to try other avenues first. :shrugs:

    Never had a pair this brand. So help the clueless chick here, shoe gals!

    Also, I'm a LV 40/41- do these run true to size with LV- anyone know?

    I'm too far from any stores that would carry these to go try them on.

    Giuseppe Zanotti
    Rhinestone Ballerina $595.00

    Metallic leather
    Multifaceted Swarovski crystals throughout
    Metallic leather lining
    Leather insole and sole
    Made in Italy

  2. has them but they aren't cheaper. I ownly have one pair of zanotti's and they are fab! I would definately invest in a pair, they are very well made.
  3. Thanks J'aime!