Gisele Bundchen walking with a friend in NYC

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  2. She looks nice and her friend too!
  3. They both look good.
  4. She is so beautiful, looks amazing and so laid back, geez what a figue!
    Thanks for posting!
  5. They both looks amazing!!!
  6. I'm trying to figure out whether Gisele or her friend is taller. It's like they switch height every other pic. I'm going to go with her friend because of the second picture.
  7. I think Gisele is pretty, but she looks a bit dowdy in these pix (maybe it's the dress length?)...I think her friends looks way cuter!!!!
  8. I dunno. Giselle is striking but not that pretty in my book. In some photos she looks kinda mannish.
  9. im pretty sure her friend is another model, jill mccormick i think is her name. she's married to eddie vedder, the singer for pearl jam, theyve got a kid together. if it's not her, it looks JUST like her!
  10. She looks great. She's gorgeous.
  11. Hehe. she does have masculine features.
  12. Wow, good eyes, it is Jill!!! She and Eddie Vedder have a gorgeous little girl.
  13. cute!
  14. gisele looks a bit taller to me.
  15. At first I thought there must be some strange heat wave going on in NYC. Then I realized the original post was from July.