Girls I think I've been duped

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  1. I'm so upset, I just received a bag in the mail today from the seller and I really don't think it is real. The feel and the look of the fabric is off. The fabric is darker than I remember the beige/ebony fabric purses to be. The leather doesn't smell like real leather. I'm just so sad because I wanted this bag so badly but since it was sold out in the stores I resorted to eBay. It looked real in the pictures so I took a chance. I'm now trying to resolve it through PayPal. Has anyone done this before?

    Just had to vent as I'm so sad I want to cry. :sad: I feel so guilty for spending all that money on what I thought was a real purse. From now on I'm only shopping at the store.
  2. Oh no...i'm very sorry to hear what has happened to you. I hope things will be resolved through paypal so that you can get your money back. Next time, try to get it authenticated here first. The ladies here are very good at what they do and are usually right on the money! goodluck!
  3. aawww livestar how awful!!! Do you think they sent a different item to what they advertised? It might be an idea to post pics in Authenticate This for a second opinion. I always do no matter how certain I am an item is authentic *before I bid*. That is really disheartening.... let us know how it goes.
  4. livestar please contact the seller and request a refund. you can also file a claim through PayPal if that is how you paid. i have gone through this and you should NOT be stuck with a fake bag.
  5. I am so sorry! Have you posted pics in Authentification thread yet?
  6. post it in the authentication thread right away! taking care of the matter ASAP is key! Good luck and keep us updated!!
  7. Please request for refund if you pay by PayPal at eBay. I have the same experience before. Else, leave a negative feedback or report to eBay.
  8. Thanks girls! I will post pics in the authentication thread. I did before I bid on it and got two thumbs up on it. Once I got the bag in the mail it just didn't look right to me. The fabric looks darker than I remember, the leather just doesn't feel right and the lining doesn't feel right. Maybe I'm wrong and they changed it slightly since the last time I saw this bag in person?
  9. I am so sorry... get your money back asap
  10. i feel your pain. fake bags make me sad. i'm sorry that happened to you
  11. It happened to me the first time I bought off of ebay about 9 years ago.....the pic of the bag from the seller was real, but she sent me a horrible yucky FAKE!!! I didn't pay by paypal at the time and ended up losing money on that deal. It taught me a very valuable lesson.....too bad there are so many criminals out there. Open up a dispute thru paypal....have you tried contacting the seller? Does she have some sort of refund policy?

    So sorry this happened to you......I was devastated when it happened to me. Hope you get this resolved soon.

  12. try contacting the seller...maybe they will refund your$
  13. ooo that sucks sorry to hear that report it to paypal
  14. Aww sorry about that! Definetely get it checked out here first! I always ask for a second opinion! Make you let paypal know!
  15. I had that happen once when I first started eBaying years ago. The photo was a real Gucci, but the item I received was not.

    I wrote an assertive email about why I believed the item was fake, pointing out detail after detail in an organized list. I didn't fly off the handle and send every word I was thinking, but I really wanted to.
    By sending that list to the seller, I demonstrated that I knew more about the bag than she did. I mentioned to her that it is a federal offense to mail counterfeit items.
    She, in turn, refunded my money and shipping both ways.
    Just another aspect of how to handle it...

    Good luck and keep us posted!