Girls! I am so confused (and Psyched!)

  1. first, i finally got down to my coach store today to use my PCE card. I looked through the keychain book like i always do to see what's new. They have some great winter keyfobs coming out! I ordered a snowflake keyfob and a Bleecker logo hangtag keyfob!!! I am SUPER excited about it, because i like the logo, and was going to get the $98 huge brass keyfob with the logo on it, but the one i ended up getting is smaller and way cheaper! It's much more "me". :yahoo:

    The sad part of my trip is i am totally confused as to which bag i want. I was CERTAIN i was going to get the black sig med. ergo hobo, but i am loving the leather ergos with the buckles on them. SO TORN!!! what to do, what to do. :sweatdrop:
  2. ^ u have to go with what u fall in love with in real life! The leather ergos are amazing and looks better with use imo!
  3. OMG, I know how you feel. I was sure I wanted the sig stripe denim satchel until I got there.
  4. Everytime I go to Coach with my mind set, I always fall in love with something else once I'm there! try on your dream bag only to realize you don't like it IRL. ahhh! Back to the Coach drawing board! If you're loving the leather then go for it!
  5. Not to mention that adding to my confusion is the fact that i would LOVE a carly...grumblegrumblegrumble...
  6. Ooooh! Snowflake keyfob! I can't wait to see this!
  7. sounds cool
  8. Buy what you LOVE and what sticks out in your will not regret it!!! Good luck!!!
  9. I vote for the all leather ergos!