Girl Scout Cookies are here!

  1. Oh man. My neighbor just came over with all the boxes I ordered from her daughter.

    2 boxes of each:
    Thin Mints
    Cafe Cookies (new)

    I'm already almost halfway thru one box of thin mints! The rest are in the freezer!
    What did you get?
  2. I got two boxes of Thin mints and two boxes of Samoas. I got them from a co-worker who was selling them for his daughter and I love them. I try not eat a whole pack at a time but I must tell you that I did eat a half of a pack...then had to go to the gym to try and burn some of that out of my
  3. where??? where?? where are mine??....
  4. i got 1 of everything, and 2 of the somoas...............i :heart: girl scout cookies!!
  5. I was a Girl Scout and I don't like Girl Scout cookies. Am I the only one that thinks they're nothing special? I feel like awful for saying it!
  6. I love peanut butter patties! And thin mints.
  7. i think theyre called caramel delights...those are friggen to die for! the other day the girl scouts were selling right in front of my bank. how can you say no and that you dont have cash when theyre right in front of the atm machines! sold scouts lol.
  8. I got my GSC's a few months ago from the little girls on the local Military Base here.

    We got 2 boxes of Samoas and 2 boxes of Thin Mints. They were gone quick!!
  9. My favorite is the Girlscout Cookie ice cream...made by Edy's or somebody like that. Mmmmmm!
  10. I don't discriminate against any type of girl scout cookie, because I love them all!!!!!:love:
  11. I love girl scout cookies! Unfortunately on a diet at the moment.
  12. Last week I bought 2 boxes of samoas... and I ate them all in one sitting. Someone needs to stage an intervention.
  13. I haven't bought any yet! I need my samoas!
  14. 0o yes yes!!! Unfortunately, in New Zealand, we don't have all the funky flavours :sad: just plain and chocolate dipped! But still YUMMY - get in my belly!
  15. I love Samoas!!!