Girl or Boy dogs, which are easier to handle?

  1. I am going to get a puppy like the one Ashley Tinsdale, which I gather from other pfers is a poodle mix of some sort but was wondering if you knew which gender will be easier to handle.
  2. From my experience (and not with either of the breeds mentioned, so your mileage may vary), girl dogs are easier. I'm sure there are a lot of people who think boy dogs are though.

    I would also recommend checking with local shelters and rescues to see if they have that mix or another one that you fall in love with. Not only do you get a new family member, you're also saving a life. :heart:
  3. In my opinion girls are a little easier than the boys in most breeds. Dogs have individual personalities though, so there's really no definitive answer.
  4. I've had a boy dog and a girl dog. Both were mini daschunds. The boy dog was easier to deal with in terms of temperament. He was a laid back little dude. But he was also kind of a punk. He let other dogs treat him like a chump and I was always getting him out of scrapes. He also made pee pee when he got nervous or excited. Maybe he had emotional problems because he was a runt and he never got much bigger??

    The girl dog was a hot mess. First of all she had epilepsy and required medication and monitering her entire life. Oh the vet bills!!! She was also a loud mouth and she liked to start fights. Now that I think of it... she was also a runt but she grew to be rather large for her breed. Even though she was a handful, she was my favorite. She was an absolute sweetheart; had a great personality. :love: She's in dog heaven now.

    Both times I thought I would choose the perfect pup but both times they chose me. There's not much you can do when you fall in dog love. :love:
  5. Every dog is unique, regardless of sex. Please check petfinder and local shelters/rescues to see if you can find the perfect addition to your family :smile:

    ...Are you a first-time dog owner? If so perhaps an adult would suit better than a pup - they usually come mostly trained (potty trained, a few tricks, done teething), and should be altered and vaccinated already too! Ease into ownership and get used to the little heart-stealers!
  6. It really depends on the breed and the dog. I have 3 Greyhounds. The female is smarter and more independent but also more of a *****. The boys are not quite as smart but they are more affectionate and easy going. If you want a pure breed, talk to a reputable breeder. If you go to the pound and get a mutt (they are the best) the staff there should have an idea of the personality of each dog. If you tell them what you are looking for they can probably lead you to a dog that will match that. Good luck!
  7. My mom insists females are easier to work with, but I have a male. Her pom took about a year and a half to housebreak and my yorkie mix just turned 7 months, got him when he was 3 months, and he is doing excellent and picks up commands well.

    But, I think it depends on the dog. I looked at shelters for about 3 months in a tri-county area and could only find pit mixes or big dogs that were available or were not already claimed by rescue groups for their programs. My advice is to let the puppy pick you- and don't have a mindset that you only want one sex.

    I got my guy from a lady who also had a cocker mix. I liked the looks of the cocker better, but Charlie- my dog- kept nudging his way to me and when he got there, he was so affectionate and then fell asleep while I held him. I knew he was the one for me!
  8. I have had 4 dogs in my life and overall, i find the males easier to potty train and train in general. I have a girl dog now and while I love her-the next dog will be a boy. i find girl dogs a little too neurotic/needy for my tastes.
  9. When I was getting my 1st dog I heard a saying that you should get a dog of the opposite sex, LOL! Has anyone heard of this? I cant really remembered where I heard this, I think it must be from one of my friends. Getting a dog of the opposite sex is a better match for you, and so I followed this, haha.. I got a male maltese/shih tzu mix.

    I only have 1 dog so I cant really compared it with having a female dog, but I never regret my choice of having a male dog. The dog was a gift from my ex, and believed it or not, when he was a pup he reacts better to me rather than to my ex. He used to hate it when my ex was trying to cuddle him and such. But now that he's living with me and my parents, he's very buddy buddy with my dad, LOL! So I guess that saying is wrong after all!
  10. I've always had lots of cats and dogs and in my particular experience, the girls have been better at listening and behaving. That's not to say they do it very well and I really don't care if they're crazy, but males do seem to have more rambunctious energy.
  11. honestly... i don't think it matters. i have 2 male cats, 1 male cocker spaniel, and 2 female boston terriers. when i got each of the cats, i was looking for a female, but no one had any females at the time that fit my color requirements. when we got my cocker from the shelter, we were looking for a female, 1 week prior i told the hubby that there was absolutly no way i would ever get a male dog... but i ended up bring home a male dog, and i instantly fell in love with him!!! in the end, i don't think the sex of the dog matters, it's really the dog's personality that matters. good luck!
  12. I really think it depends on the dog since they each have their own personality. When I was searching for a Chi everyone told me to get a girl because they're easier to deal with. I fell in love with a boy dog & didn't care what others told me. I've had him for 3 years now & he's been the best dog ever. Everyone that told me to get a girl is now telling me I just lucked out with the boy dog I got. But to me, I don't think it matters what sex you all depends on the dogs personality.
  13. I have a male that I have had NO problems with, but I have heard that females can be easier....

    My only caution: Don't get a particular dog just because some celebrity has it.... I honestly belive that before people get pets they REALLY should RESEARCH the breed they are looking at.....Dogs/Cat change from sex, age, and in particular Breed.....I believe that when people fail to investigate what they are getting, theis causes A LOT of 'once cute" dogs to end up unwanted in pounds and at rescue groups......

    Having a pet is work.
  14. Well, well said. :okay:
  15. I currently have both female and male dogs ... have always had male dogs in the past. I find that the female I have now has been the most loving and loyal of all the dogs I've ever had. The male dogs are great too ... but they just love to mark their territory a lot, and when you walk them they seem to want to pee on every tree or bush.

    That dog you want is adorable ... good luck and post pics when you get one!