Gina Sunglasses??

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  1. I'm considering buying Gina Sunglasses. I was told they are available in Honey, Red, Tortoise. Since I don't care for tortoise sunglasses, my choice is b/w red and honey. I tried on Honey, and they are nice. Does anyone have red gina? Are they too much because shape is already retro/big? Is red limited color or regular?

    I appreciate any kind of opinions on Gina sunglasses.....I just bought Conspiration Pilot sunny in Silver, which I ADORE....didn't know how LV sunnies are so nice and comfortable!
  2. ive tried on the ginas, not in red though. i think if you are comfortable wearing big lensed red sunglasses, it shows. if not, that shows too. i would go with the honey, only because i think they are more versatile. but the red are still fab
  3. I'm not sure what they look like, but I agree with lvuittonaddict, a honey is more usable, and goes with more outfits. I have the silver Conspiration Pilote's and they are great! :smile:
  4. I like the red ones and I think they look great!
  5. Hey, it's funny because I tried both on in the store and loved BOTH as well!!

    I ended up buying them in Honey, but I am contemplating getting the Pomme as well.

    I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! this shape, and honestly if my store carried them in the Turquoise, I'd contemplate on getting those as well. :love:

    In all honesty though, since I'm assuming you'd only want one, I'd stick with Honey; it's a much more versatile piece that will go with anything! It's so adorable and I can't wait to take her out during spring! ^^
  6. Yeah, I saw some pics of Rihanna wearing them and they look really good on her. But again pretty much everything looks good on her:smile:
  7. Are you happened to be Japanese? I just noticed in your avator. I was told that they have western and eastern fit for these sunglasses. Eastern style supposed to fit much better for Asian faces.....I only tried Western pair, which fit fine, but awaiting to try the Eastern pair;)
  8. Yes I am, and the Eastern Fit was DEFINITELY better on my face. ^^
    My SA told that there is a big difference in the East/West and offered me in the East (she said the West will not fit me for sure) so I tried on the East and it fit very snugly to my face. I don't have a tall nose like many gorgeous Westerners (I ENVY YOU ALL!) but finally I found a pair of sunglasses that won't fall off when I look down!

    I'm so happy that LV took this into consideration! :love:

    Whatever your choice though, you will love Gina! :heart:
  9. There is also a light tortoise shade with 'floating LVs'. I'm so tempted to get that pair but I'm afraid it won't get enough use. I already have 4 pairs of LV sunnies and my default go-to pair is the soupcon gm in fox colour.
  10. So how many colors are there in this style??
  11. Ohhhh I remember seeing that on as well. :smile:
    I think in total, there's 4 colours right?
  12. I have the honey Gina's and love them...they are so comfy and light weight compared to my leopard/marquise sunnies...the Gina's are refined and classy...I like wearing them when I am all dressed up and I wear the leopard sunnies when I am casual...GL
  13. I just got the call my store received Red Gina for me to try! Will see how they look on me!
  14. ^^ can't wait to see which color you choose. I love the red, but I typically go for bold, funky styles and I agree the red really plays up the retro style. If they are your only pair of LV sunglasses I might suggest a more traditional color as the red isn't that versatile, it makes more of a fun statement, KWIM? I think either color is stunning though for different reasons.
  15. I bought the red pair! They are really cute and different, I just had to go with something unique!