Gigi needs rehab, can you help?

  1. I know a lot of what I do to my leather products would probably put most of the ladies on this forum into shock or cardiac arrest, but it really is a tough material that is used because it can take a beating. I've been in the equestrian world a lot longer than the handbag world and have found that the methods I use to keep my saddles, bridles, boots, and strap goods in shape translates perfectly to most bags.

    I love the Leather Therapy line and it's another great product that doesn't darken. Leather CPR is also a fantastic conditioner for leather that is dried to the point of cracking. It really plumps the leather back up to fill any cracks in and help it to regain flexibility. In terms of quality for the price, though, Lexol is my favorite. It comes in all sorts of sizes and won't break the bank either.

    If ever are in trouble and you don't have a cobbler nearby, try a tack store. You're bound to come across some good advice from people who have plenty of experience cleaning and maintaining leather goods.
  2. I've never used Leather CPR but I have heard it recommended by other TPFers and they offer online video demos on how to use their products:
  3. A few years ago my mom came across a leather bomber jacket at a thrift store that was drier than beef jerky. She handed it over and I used Leather CPR on it. It took about two months of weekly treatments, but it's absolutely gorgeous now. It's turned into my brother's favorite jacket and has really been worth the $15 investment for the conditioner (plus the original $10 for the jacket)!

    I definitely recommend it in desperate situations.
  4. @ OP
    I'm here if you need anything
  5. Btw we do not do anything to our bags other than vacuum the interior and basically just wipe off the exterior. It has not undergone any rehab.

  6. This is good to know, thanks so much.
  7. Thanks for the wonderful advice! I'm getting anxious to receive and "start rehab"!!! Great learning experience!
  8. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, best of luck OP! Make sure to update with pics...I hope she can be restored to her former glory :smile:

  9. Wow, it would be geat if other eBay sellers were this helpful!

    Good luck OP, I can't wait to see it when you're finished! I love Gigi's style and think you're gonna be so happy with it!
  10. When I had LVs, I used leather CPR on the vachetta. Works great. Lexol is nice too since it's more readily available. Auto supply places usually have it.
  11. Well, this has sure been a great learning process. I started off very carefully with a post I had read of just trying water to "blend" the stain. Didn't do a thing. I next tried the same thing but with mild soap. Didn't do a thing. I then tried a leather clearner, not a thing. Now...getting a bit desperate I took more TPF'er advise and called my leather man to see about dying it but he will only dye in black, brown or navy blue. Not what I was looking for. My husband then said there was some leather "stuff" in the shed so he brought it, I tried it (it was liquid saddle soap) and it worked. I am now very comfortable carrying this bag - still some discoloured spot (mainly the 2 pocket flaps are different colours but for some reason....only in the sunlight??? odd!) and some regular scuffs that vachetta leather normally has. I'm quite pleased. Thank you everyone for your help.

    I have never uploaded pics here before so I hope this works.....



  12. Wow, amazing!!! She looks beautiful, and the turtle fob looks perfect on her :smile: If you don't mind, can you share the name and the brand of the product you used? Thanks for sharing your after pics!
  13. She looks gorgeous!! You did a great job on her!!
  14. Good job girl that's looking good. I 2nd the name of the cleaner lol
  15. Thanks :smile: :smile: :smile:

    I live in Canada so I'm not sure if this is a common product or not. It's called Fiebing's Liquid Glycerine Saddle Soap. It is a yellow liquid and in a bottle similar to windex.