Gifts from DH/BF... their pick or yours?

  1. I pretty much like everything LV makes, and having my SO pick out whatever his favorite was (without any help from me) would make it even more special - because I know he likes it, etc... KWIM? Unfortunately, my SO's have always stuck to styles I've mentioned that I like.

    I wonder if they're just scared to spend that much money on something they pick out all by themselves.

    When you ladies get LV's as gifts from your SO --- are they picked out by your SO or something you've pointed out?
  2. My husband has only ever bought me LV once, and it was a wallet that I clearly described on my wish list :smile:

    He also bought me a Coach keychain I asked for, plus a gift card.

    I think I like it that way, though. At least for now. Last year he attempted to buy me clothing and it was... well, not so successful.
  3. I woud say his.. its a gift.
    Unless of course he invites you to shop with him.
  4. My DH and he is absolutely the best, would never attempt an LV purchase...but then again that is probably good because if he ever knew how expensive LV is he would go wild!!!
  5. So far m Dh has got me:

    Mini Looping
    Wallet with Zip
    Speedy 25
    Framboise Agenda

    Of those only the Speedy 25 was a surprise (I never ever mentioned wanting one, as a matter of fact, I didn't like the Speedy until he bought it). The rest of them were after very specific hints about what it was that I wanted, sometimes in the forms of LV business cards with descriptions and prices given to him by me.

    My DH does, however, go to Coach all the time and buys me random things. When I was pregnant with my daughter, for example, he bought me a ton of pink Coach things. It was pretty cute of him to do so.
  6. I've only ever got one from LV from an ex bf. I picked out the cabas mezzo he bought, I don't think he'd even know what to get if I didn't pick it out. My current bf would never buy me LV, he'd rather spend the money on his car.
  7. LOL - do tell! Sounds like a funny story!

    One of my ex's tried to buy me clothing once, after I told him for my birthday I'd like an outfit he picked out all by himself. I ended up with a size medium tank top (small would have been good) and 4S (S=Short) pants. I'm 5'8-5'9ish. :roflmfao: The styles were really cute, though!
  8. Yeah the main issue was with sizing... and style... and color.

    OH but he did buy me lingerie for xmas. That he succeeded at.
  9. Most of the time I pick what I want, buy it and wrap it ...the few times he has wanted to venture in on his to "the pursey place, with the brown bags" (his words, not mine)...I called and warned the SA's I work with...they know what I like and have on 'my radar'
  10. LOL, my DH does well in this department....funny, without an help at
  11. The farthest I've gotten my DH to do without me going to the store and actually deciding the gift is him calling LV and ordering the items I had listed.

    It's like that Jennifer Anniston line in the Break Up "I want you to want to the dishes"

    I'd like him to want to want to buy me LV :lol:

    Lala, you have it good. They remember what you like, that says something :biggrin:

  12. I really enjoyed that movie, and that line was PERFECT! That whole scene was good!
  13. bf doesn't buy my LV but my dad does sometimes..whatever he ends up getting for me, he ends up getting another one for my mom also lol.

    I do know that you can make a wish list at LV and your SO can come in and give the SA your name and they can pick something from your wishlist though :graucho:
  14. I give my husband HUGE hints of the styles that I like. I also have a wishlist at LV. He gave me a few things before we were married that weren't exactly my style and now he's completely afraid of buying something without my prior consent. :s
  15. I was really happy and surprised. For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a Multicolor white Koala wallet. He knew I had a white Coach bag with the different color C's and didn't realize it was different brand than the LV :smile: so he wanted to buy me a matching wallet.
    However, I exchanged it for the mono Koala wallet. I loved the mc koala but I was too worried that it would get dirty or stained especially since I don't change wallets and have pens, lip gloss, etc in my purse all the time. But I was really sad to see the MC go. If I was rich enough to get plenty of LV, I would just keep it just to stare at it haha.

    He did not realize just how expensive LV was until he went to the counter and said the only reason he got this was out of spite because the SA was snotty to him and assumed that he couldn't afford anything there. haha worked to my advantage!