Gift Suggestions

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have a little problem and was wondering if anyone can offer me suggestions for a good birthday gift for my bf's mom? I want to buy something nice and appropriate. What do you think I should get her?

    Items I've already bought in the past for past birthdays/mother's day/christmas:
    - a plant (a potted orchid)
    - red wine
    - skin care (facial moisturizer)
    - bath soaps
    - gloves/scarf

    BTW: I probably repeated most of the things I listed atleast a few times so you can see I'm running out of ideas.

    Any help would be great!!! TIA
  2. What's your budget? What are her hobbies/interests?
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  4. A few more suggestions (I think you live in Canada?) - if you're interested, these sites will ship internationally.

    If your bf's mom likes tea, how about a gift set from sbsteas or some of their summer teas (check out the testimonials :smile: ):

    The Lovers Tea Trio Gift Set-Gourmet Tea

    Zuzus garden has some delightful gifts which are inspired by gardens:

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  5. magazine subscriptions?
  6. How about something from Tiffany & Co? Can't find a lady that doesn't like anything from there :smile:
  7. How about a day at the spa for massage. My mother in-law loved that for mother's day.
  8. this is usually what i do. i get a gift certificate to either their regular salon (it's always nice to not have to pay for color matience or a manicure) or to a spa. it's usually a hit. :smile: i attach it to something small (chocolates for example) to make it more personal.
  9. It depends on your budget :smile:

    I bought my boyfriends' mom (when I went to visit in Belgium the first time) a pretty broach from one of the local hand crafted jewelry stores. She loved it!
  10. I agree with the Spa certificate. I give that to many people and it has always been a hit.
  11. Wow!!!! Thanks everyone!!!! I'm so speechless, everyone offered so many great ideas.

    As for a budget, I dont really have one... I guess I wouldn't wantto spend anything over $200CAN.

    I'll definitely use everyone's suggestions for all future gifts!!! You guys are the best!!!!
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  13. I am a big fan of You can personalize any paper product with a likeness of your bf's mom. I have done it for 3 friends and myself (see my avaitar). Everyone loved it!:smile: