Gift ideas for parents' anniversary?

  1. My parents are celebrating their 21 years of marriage in Nov and I won't be in town to celebrate it with them! So... out of feeling guilty (because I have missed both their birthdays this year as well), I thought of gettiing them a gift. Unfortunately though, I've run out of ideas.

    Should I get something house-specific, which they can display at home? Or something practical, which they can both use?

    Any help's appreciated! :yes:
  2. i'm having the same prob- my parents 30th anniversary is in november...
    i think i'm getting them an embroidered throw from things remembered...but not sure.
  3. LOL same here! I think I'm getting them a wall plaque with a nice quote on it for the house... or ... I don't know. :rolleyes:
  4. Congrats to both your parents :smile: What's your budget, may I ask?
  5. Okay, I AM a parent (my 20th anniversary is in a couple of weeks), so maybe have a different perspective. What about a gift certificate to a restaurant in the area they live in? What about something related to a hobby of theirs (like, do they golf or like to travel?). What about visiting them and making them dinner?

    If they're like most parents, they don't really need more stuff, they just want more of their kids.

    I hope this helps.
  6. Thank you! :heart:
    I'm thinking $250 if it's only their anniversary present; however I thought of getting them a matching Montblanc pen each - but that's only if it's their anniversary-cum-Christmas present :lol:
  7. Congrats to you! :yahoo:
    Visiting them is out of the question because I'm in the middle of school term :yucky: and flying home costs $2500 (double :yucky:)
    Thanks for the perspective; that's something i'm going to ponder over;)
  8. Lovely bracelets for a couple - please read the details :smile: Thanks.

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  9. My parents' 30th year anniversary is next January. My sister and I are thinking of sending them both on a cruise actually.
  10. When my mama and papa had their 25 anniversary my siblings and I sent them to Dominican Republic on holiday vacacion. It wass not too expensive because we shared the expenses and the memories for them will last forever.
  11. gave my parents hotel reservations for a weekend with a dinner concert,
    they loved it...
    Maybe something they could enjoy together to celebrate their anniversary?...
    a concert or a nice dinner... a weekend getaway...
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions! :heart:
    I'm going to start looking around at some cruise/dinner packages and see what I can come up with!
  13. This is an awesome idea:flowers:
  14. ITA, this is what we do in our family, alot, activity based gift certificates, because we seem to have so much 'stuff'.

    What are their, tennis, art, lessons are great.

    Wine tasting, train or bus tours.

    Cultural events, shows, performances.

    These are all great :smile: