Gift from Santa <PICS>


Feb 8, 2006
some of you may remember that I had bought a damier speedy 25 a few months ago. i actually ended up returning it because the tab where the lock hangs came curled in (got it at elux) and at first i didn't think it matters but more i looked at it more it bothered me, especially when the back of the tab started to frizz. and i felt too guilty for spending so much money lately so instead of exchanging it for a new one i just returned it and that was that. i missed it but figured i could always get it at the boutique later. this is the background of the story i'm about to tell... :P

for christmas DH and i agreed not to spend too much money on each other cuz again, we had spent too much money already and we have 5 family members' birthdays coming up shortly so yikes! plus DH is never good at surprising me so i didn't expect anything.

then yesterday DH gives me a box that feels like a shoebox and said it was my christmas present. he was so excited (yes more than me!) and told me i could open it. (told you he's not good at keeping surprises!) so i opened it and yes it was a shoebox but inside it was filled with tissue papers and a set of two little keys!! i jumped up and down and demanded where the real present is! :drool: .

and yes, it was a damier speedy 25 hiding in one of the closets. i was so surprised! he said he knew how much i missed it and that i deserved it. :heart:

i was so excited and busy admiring the thing and he asks me where it's made. i told him probably USA cuz it's hard to find made in france ones now days. i check the tab and it's made in france! i told him that and he has a grin on his face. i asked him if he specifically asked for a made in france one and he says "of course, you like little details like that." OMG isn't he so sweet?!?!

ok sorry the story got little longer than intended but that's the gift from my santa. oh and yesterday i finally received the mono cles i ordered on elux so i had two LV boxes greeting me. woo hoo!

merry christmas everyone!

how wonderful! I loved your story so much! what a kind and thoughtful dh you have, that is just so touching that he made sure it was made in France! I love it! the cles looks great on it, the two patterns look great together, will you be wearing it that way? I have seen on the ebay shoes/accessories board that some people attach cles to their bags like that, I think it's pretty.
What a wonderful surprise!! Your dh is a total sweetheart to pay attention to the lil details that you like. Congrats on your new speedy and you are so lucky to have such a sweetie like him!:heart: