Gift for a 60 year old woman

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  1. Hi,

    i am gonna buy my gandma a Monaco square scarf and i dont now witch colore i shuld buy. I think brown or black, becouse she goes with black, white, brown ++ everyday... She is 60 years old TODAY, så thats gonna be one birthday gift.

    Witch colore do you guys think i should buy to here?
  2. hmm, I think brown or black would both be good, safe choices!
  3. Black - can be dressed down or up, it's classic, and goes with everything
  4. I think black would be nice. I know she'll love it.
  5. Well, I vote brown...... I'd be safer with this b/c some people might find black a bit "hard".....but it also depends on what kind of skintone and hair colour she has, I guess.....
  6. :tup::tup: I agree..Its so nice of you to buy this gift for your grandma.:urock:
  7. Have you thought of buying a lighter colour to brighten up outfits? Coral would go with any of those colours & soften the look? Pomme D'Amour for a bit of colour? Caramel for sophisticated look?
    If you are set on black or brown I would say black depending on skintone.
  8. thoughts BA...Coral is so good on mature skin:yes:
  9. Pomme... it is so unexpected and fun! Plus, it will 'pop' with any outfit!
  10. The Champagne is also very beautiful.. But otherwise I would pick Brown..
  11. black, or like bagangel said, a pop of color would be nice too. ;) but if you know this woman would not wear a bright color, go for black. :heart:
  12. black (unless you know she would like coral or red)
  13. I agree!
  14. What a lovely and generous granddaughter you are! You have some excellent suggestions here, but go with your gut instinct.
  15. 60 is not old at all. What color does she love, what color are her coats?