GHD/international usuage

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  1. Ok I don't think this question has ever been asked before but I was just wondering how the GHD worked out for anyone that has it and went out of the country? Does it come with an adaptor? Do they die out easily if you use em in a different country? THANKS.
  2. I've taken my GHD's from the UK to other European destinations and to the US. I think on the product label it says they operate between 110v-240v. I found that mine took longer to heat up in the US as the voltage is lower than the UK.

    Best check with the manufacturer though if you're not sure just in case you need a voltage adaptor (they don't come with one). You'd probably need an international plug adaptor as well as I guess they come with whatever one is suitable for your country, so mine has a 3 pin plug but I need an adaptor for 2 pin sockets.
  3. :balloon: :balloon:
  4. If you have American US GHD's then they will not work internationally, other way around too, because they do not heat up to the max heat.:yes:
  5. we've talked about it. . . I know we have because mine stopped working the 1st time I plugged it in in Rome this past May and I posted about it:cry:
    It doesn't come w/ a converter/adapter and the one I took worked for everthing EXCEPT my GHD and blow dryer. of course:rolleyes:
  6. I took a convertor plug when I went to Florida (from the UK) & it worked but the light didn't blink & it didn't really work as well as usual..not sure if it was the Florida heat messing up my hair or if my GHD's just didn't get as hot.
  7. So then does anyone know what this means?

    "Universal voltage feature operates from 110V to 230V by sensing the incoming voltage, making it great for travelers."

    Is it just the plug thats shaped like the ones that would fit into an international outlet? I'm guessing then I wouldn't need to bring an adapter with me if I bought one if thats the case. Does anyone have a pic of the plug on their ghd?
  8. where do you live?
    I'm in the USA and mine has a USA plug on it. They're TOTALLY different in other countries, USA plugs will not fit into Euro outlets.
    Honestly, if you don't want to risk ruining yours, just buy a cheapy straightener in whichever country you're visiting.
  9. I live in the US. The only reasone I was considering getting one was because I thought that it would work if I went somewhere out of states w/out me bringing an adaptor. That's what I understood from the line that I posted in my previous post. But IDK now.
  10. Mine also broke in Rome, just like Swanky's. It worked the first 4-5 times, but the 6th time, the thing overheated midway (I don't even want to get into the breakage I suffered) to the point that the plastic melted and one of the ceramic heaters popped out.

    I ended up going to an electronics store (that's where you buy straighteners in Italy) and buying a midrange hair iron (70 euros) to use for the rest of the semester. It was a good purchase for me since I could let the other girls in my program use it and I know that I go to Europe/the Middle East often enough that having a working iron is worth it. So I definitely recommend you buy one wherever you are, it's not worth potentially ruining your ghd.

    When I got back to the States, Sephora gave me a gift card for my short-circuited ghd and I just bought the new ghd dark. My hair looks gorgeous right nowso the ghd is awesome. :yes: It's just not going to work outside of where you bought it.
  11. thats what I had to do one time when I went to Greece..i had to buy a straightner from there becuase the one I brought with me overheated. I'll probably just go ahead and do the same thing or bring a cheapie from here. thanks.
  12. i bought mine in the States and my Ghd worked in Singapore, London and Paris.
    I did have to get an adapter, and when I was in Singapore, i felt like my Ghd was hotter than usual. But it worked in all those countries mentioned.

    If u're still concerned about the voltage conversion, than either get a converter, or buy a cheap local straightener or just good old blow drying.
  13. I used a converter. . . still broke.

    Which country are you visiting? Maybe there's something about Italy's outlets that fry it?
  14. I thought that too, maybe it's Italy, but one of the girls my best friend lived with in Oxford used an adapter and both her ghd and blow dryer short circuited. Perhaps it's a quality control issue with some of the irons?
  15. I'm going to Greece. I don't think its just Italy's outlets though because once when I went to Greece I brought my own hair straightner and it overheated and died out. So, I guess i'll just bring a cheapie one instead of the GHD.
    Anyways, I just want to thank everyone again for all the replies.