GH Part-Time or City??


Which is the better size?

  1. Electric Blue GGH City

  2. Elecrtic Blue GGH Part-Time

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm kind of stuck in a rut.. i can't decide whether i should get an electric blue bag with GGH in a city or Part-time. For those of you who have both which do you prefer? What are the pros and cons to each size? If anyone has a comparison picture it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:smile:
  2. I think overall GH looks better on PT, works, weekenders, and slightly too busy on cities.
  3. I really like them pretty much equally as far as how the GH looks on them. In fact, I kind of think it can look a bit busier on the part time because of the way the part time has GH 'feet' and the bag kind of folds up on itself when using the shoulder strap. Plus, the Part Time is about an inch shallower than the City.

  4. ITA.. :yes:
  5. Ditto. I think each piece of the GH is too large for the scale of the City. It's not bad, but the GH is put to its best use on larger bags. The GH tends to dwarf the City, and conversely make the PT and Work and Weekender look less oversized. I vote PT.
  6. Heh this is a question I was considering for the longest time ever!
    It is easier for me to obtain a GH City than a GH P/T, because I don't live anywhere near to a Bal store and the resellers as I've recently found out are not bringing in GH P/Ts. So that was my deciding factor.
    I've been looking at heaps of photos on the forum to see whether I prefer the GH City or P/T. I think it looks nicer on the P/T, but just as acceptable on the City. I don't really like how the P/T is longer, but that's just me. Are you able to compare a Giant PT and City in person before you commit to purchasing one?
  7. City gets my vote.
  8. I think the GH on the city is a bit too "crowded". I think it kind of overwhelms the bag. IMO, it looks much better on the PT.
  9. i have mostly days, but i'm def getting a eb pt! so pt's all around.
  10. I just voted on the City, since I have one with SGH, I dont think it's dwarfing the bag at all, but then again, it's different with everyone really :yes: but I doubled back and thought..are they even coming out with EB GGH?? I know alohag is not, they will only get the SGH EB, maybe other shops will have it?
  11. I voted for the city.

    I am fairly new to balenciaga, have only seen pictures of the various styles. If you put pictures in front of me I could probably only identify the city. I was not even aware of RH or GGH, SGH etc. I purchased my first balenciaga this month, an 07 black city with SGH. I absolutely love it! The size is perfect for me, I tend to carry alot in my purse but don't like the look of a giant purse. The city is a perfect size.

    In regards to the GH, I really like it and I don't think it is too overwhelming at all.

    A funny about the GH, the only thing my husband really knows about my purse addictions is that they are usually expensive and after showing him this latest purchase he wanted to know why I paid so much money for a purse with thimbles all over it!:wtf::roflmfao:
  12. ^^^ hahaa... Husbands..
    GH with City is a big too much for me. GH with Part Time is just nice..
  13. i would want them both! i have a tomato SGH and i LOVE it but i do want the strap to be a little longer for cross the body carrying.
  14. I voted for the pt, might as well get more of the balenciaga leather.
    EB is totally what I crave>>>>
  15. my vote for EB GGH Part-time :tup: