GGH Money in '07 Aquamarine or Anthracite..should I even try?


Sep 18, 2006
San Francisco
Hi all! Ok so I was looking through all the wonderful threads looking at as many colors as I could in the GGH combo. I totally almost fainted when I saw the lovely combo of GGH and Aquamarine or Anthracite.

Do you think it will still be possible to find either of these combos in the Money? Or do you think these are long gone and my only chance would be on Ebay or an online resale boutique? Wahhhhhhhhhhh I'm already crying cuz I know what you guys are gonna say. haha!
Mar 27, 2007
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think only the bags were made that season with GGH, not acc.? I had a anthracite money with rh that I have since sold, but I am pretty sure that it wasn't available with GGH. I know the hand bags were though, because i almost got an anthracite GGH Day.


Dec 29, 2006
did they still come out with the giant traveler this past fall and current spring season?

if so, does it come in GSH?
Jan 27, 2008
The 206!
Babkuhatsu, I saw a violet money in SGH today, and anthra was made in the f/w season just like violet. so they DO have giant hardward money wallets that season. GL finding it!