Getting wrinkles out of leather --- need help

  1. So I bought my BF a very nice and expensive leather biker jacket but it got wrinkles when I folded it up into the box and left it there for 4 weeks before he opened it.

    It's been hanging since then but still has creases, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :smile:
  2. Do you have a steamer? If you put an old t shirt over the steamer and steam from the inside of the jacket lining it should help. I found this out from a stylists who often needed to get wrinkles out of leather for photo shoots.

    Do you have a leather care place or a drycleaner that does leather near you? They will probably know a way to get it out too.
  3. My suede jacket came with wrinkles too b/c it was packed in a box. I took it to the dry cleaners and they got the wrinkles out, no problem.
  4. that is a hard question, never heard of leather wrinkling before. i would call your finest dry cleaner around and ask them their advice, leather is supposed to be cleaned very carefully so u should ask an expert IMO. good luck, i hope you can fix it.
  5. Drycleaners is probably the best way to go!!