Getting the Trophy bag: What Color?

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    I'm getting it, but I want to know what color should I get it in!!

    It's in Black Zeus, or in Grey Zeus. Those are my two fave colors, I was leaning towards the Grey for Spring, but now I'm not so sure. Help me decide!
  2. My vote goes to the Grey!
    (Either is gorgeous, but the grey is just more special IMO)
  3. A few people have commented that the BZ was not what they expected. Some of the Trophy BZs come out lusterless and dry. I say GZ to avoid the BZ gamble. But then, it's not Final Sale so it's not a huge gamble I guess.

  4. Really? I didn't know that. That's real sad. :crybaby:
  5. I vote grey... I saw it IRL in the flagship store, it is so stunning. I have the indigo, but since that isn't an option, definitely go with whichever is lighter and will show more of the details of the bag. I think the BZ is a better choice when paired with other colors such as the way it is on the clara flap, or on smaller bags with fewer details. And yes, people have said that the BZ flakes, although I haven't experienced this in my BZ pilot.
    SO! I vote GZ
  6. ^hehehe or like the Marcel! Can't wait for that little bugger to come home to me.
  7. KZ votes for GZ
  8. I got the grey zeus Trophy this week and I am in love with it!! It's such a unique color, very neutral. Makes me want to swear off black bags forever because they don't hold a candle to this beauty. It is darker grey than the pics on HH's website.

    IMHO the Trophy seems to be an underrated bag. People steered me away from ordering the SS Trophy which was so well priced by saying it's heavy, I wish I would have gotten the indigo or tan at that price! I don't find it too heavy and it's not too big either. The corcovado in cordovan was heavy and overwhelming for me and I returned that one.

    I love the design of the Trophy, it's just big enough. I love the large magnetic pocket on back. The zip top opening is quite large in contrast with the corcovado (large bag but small opening with the turnlocks down).
  9. FWIW, I saw the BZ IRL at Luna Boston and thought it was completely lovely. I really regretted not getting it at 250$ in one of the December sales.

    The GZ on the model has always enchanted me too, so I think you can't go wrong. I like that the BZ is a twist on basic black -- I had thought it would fill a nice gap in my wardrobe as I don't have a black bag -- It's a color I avoid in general, but I think BZ would spice it up for me and make black more attractive.

    Do you have a grey bag?
  10. grey!
  11. The gray zeus has a lot of depth to it and is just GORGEOUS!! The BZ is a beauty too, but I would definitely go with the gray zeus!
  12. No, that's one of the reasons why I was leaning towards the grey.
  13. Here's the grey