Getting scratches off a soft leather bag

  1. Forgive me if someone has answered this in the past. I am new here and am wondering how to remove surface scratches on very soft leather. I saw a bag at a local department store and it looked like many people had scratched the leather for the fun of it. Is there any product that evens out the finish.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi welcome! I use apple leather care on my leather bags and it works great! you can get it at are also a couple other leather care brands we members use that work great on our soft leathers=)
  3. good q bc I have some on one of my bags that has super soft leather it was before apple so that won't help.
  4. Whenever any of my soft leather bags get scuffed or lightly scratched I take two fingers and squeeze the scratch so that it's raised. After it's raised I rub the area with my fingertip. The natural oils on my fingers generally rub out the marks. Hope this helps!
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