Getting ready to hit the LV store..advice plz....

  1. So I'm going to the LV boutique today in about 20 min's and thought I would get y'all's opinions before I go.

    Here's my predicament: I am looking into getting the BH since it seems to be THE perfect baby bag for me (I'm expecting in Sept). It has easy access, large open compartment and seems durable with the canvas so I won't need to worry about it. HOWEVER, the rub is that yesterday alone I counted 4 LV's in ONE store being carried around by patrons. I couldn't believe it. Although to this day, I haven't seen one BH in my area, I feel like I just don't want to be another gal in the crowd w/ another LV. BUT on the same token, it's the perfect everyday/baby bag.

    I'm really a Chanel girl but there doesn't seem to be any perfect schlepping around bags that fit what I would need to carry throughout the day.

    Should I just suck it up for the sheer functionality of the bag? Help....TIA!! :confused1:
  2. GET THE BH!!! its the best bag.
  3. If you're having doubts about Monogram Canvas then maybe you should consider other lines. For example, mini lin (there is a diaper bag in mini lin). Or the Damier line. There are a few (diaper bag size) totes in this line.
  4. I love my BH. I have a toddler and another one on the way (Sept. too). I am packing to go to the mall and in my BH is a little cooler with little girl's food, and some of my things. it is FAB!
  5. Congrats on your baby. I would not worry that is a popular bag, I love my speedy 30 and everybody and their brother has one. Take your time and try on different bags, the new neverfull is out, the MM size would be good. My sister just got the GM size and she plans to use it for a diaper bag too, she expecting in 2 weeks. The BH is a well loved bag on tpf so it must be good!! Enjoy and don't forget to tell us what you get. We live for that stuff.
  6. I wouldn't care how many people carried it. That doesn't bother me for some reason. If I like a bag then I get it. It sounds perfect for you. Personally I carried cheaper bags when I had my babies because they got disgusting but I also carried bottles/ formula etc. I say get the BH if that's what you want.
  7. The BH would be nice.
  8. BH is really nice!
  9. If you love the BH then go for it. An LV will always look stylish and special IMO, no matter how many people have the bag.:yes:
  10. The BH is a great bag.

    My bday is in Sept. What day are you due?
  11. I agree with Ann in that I would not worry too much about what other people carry, you can make any bag your own. I carry LV and I never feel like "just another girl in the crowd" as you say. The BH is an excellent bag and I really think you will enjoy it. Please keep us posted on your choice.
  12. Thanks gals! I appreciate all the advice! I wound up getting the BH. It's still in the box. Later tonight, I'll see if all my belongings fit and take it from there.

    socalgem - I'm due Sept 21. I can't wait! :yes:

  13. ITA with Ann (BTW- I love the direct-ness of your posts lately!!!! Right on!!) :tup:
  14. Don't worry about the hype....I LOVE my mono speedy 30 and everyone has one.....whether it be real or fake!!
  15. Congrats!!!! On your new BH.