Getting puppy to eat?

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  1. So my 4 month old puppy is starting to become a pain in the butt with eating. We feed him twice a day, 3 little scoops each time. When he started being stubborn we got some wet food and mix a tiny slice in with the dry food. He did good for awhile and now he's back go not eating. This morning he did pretty good and ate at least 75% of his food. This evening he hasn't even taken a bite. We feed him the same times everyday. He's a little above 5lbs and I just get so nervous when he doesn't eat. Any tops for stubborn puppies??
  2. Try feeding a scoop less at feeding time. Some dogs are better at free feeding than others. I could leave Mooser all day long with food and she would only eat what she was hungry for, where Haley would eat an entire bag of food. Just keep taking him back to the bowl and telling him to eat. We have to do that sometimes with Moose and she is six years old! She likes to take a few bites and then wander around.

  3. Yeah we decided tomorrow to go down one less scoop. I was basing it off his age and weight but all dogs are different. We noticed tonight he did go back to his bowl a few times randomly and would eat. So maybe he just wants to eat on his own terms when he feels like it. I told the vet a few weeks ago and she didnt seem worried. I'm just a worry wart! I can't wait to see how I am when we have actual kids haha!