Getting creases out of bag- Help!


Feb 6, 2006
Hey Girls,
In the fall I bought my most favorite bag ever, a limited edition Coach studded hobo in tan. I love this bag, however there is one minor problem. I don't take it out a lot because the weather has generally been too gross in NJ whenever I do go out, so it has been sitting in my closet in its dustbag. Coach has been doing a lot of things with tassles lately, and so my purse has this cute suede tassle zipper (the tassles are pretty long). I never realized that by sitting in a closet the tassles might get creased, but they have. I am wondering how I can possibly get the creases out of the suede tassles...I guess it is no big deal but I just like to have my things in the most mint condition possible. Any ideas? Thanks!
If you let them sit the way you want them, the leather will naturally uncrease itself. In the future, when you put the bag in it's dustbag, stuff it fully and wrap some tissue around the tassel to prevent furture creasing.