Getting back into Coach

Nov 19, 2010
California Coast
Howdy-do. A friend of mine turned me onto this blog a few weeks ago when I decided to get back into collecting Coach bags. I stopped buying them when everything got weird (ex. the tattoo stuff. really?). I went to Dooney for a while then that started to get weird (I have collected most of their Disney stuff though). I guess I more of a classic leather type of girl. No metallics, no patent. I decided to make my first Coach purchase in 5 years and am driving to the nearest store to get it tomorrow. Hopefully she is as spectacular as she is in the photos I have seen.


Nov 1, 2006
RI'er living in Maine
welcome! I'm in the same shoes as you...I used to buy coach (a LONG time last coach purchase had been 1998) and I've only just gotten back into coach. I just got my first new coach (besides one I got this summer and returned) so I'm getting ready to take pics to do a reveal. Looking forward to your reveal tomorrow. I'm married to a warcraft junkie ;)


Young Housewife
Nov 12, 2010
Noooooooooo! I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate secrets! You pretty much described my thoughts on purses so I'm sure I'm going to love whichever purse you purchase. :smile:

Chiming in as another WoW player. (Well, former. I quit early this summer because I had trips to Japan and then Australia a few weeks after getting back and I just couldn't keep up with raid attendance. :sad: ) I have the Blazing Hippogryph though... I guess that's the equivalent of a nice purse in game? Heheh.