Getting a bag without breaking a Purse Ban...

  1. I was talking to my SO through email (he is at work) about how I cant wait until I start working again so I can get myself a Weekender... (he's even starting to know the styles now which is cute)

    And then he ripped out THIS

    "I think your bags are lovely ;) I think you deserve another one soon"

    Now should I take that as a "I think your bags are lovely... I will buy you another one soon"


    ... whatever the case, I'm going to start looking around :graucho:

  2. ^^ ACK, OMG, that's so cool!!! :nuts::yahoo::heart:
  3. Sure sounds like it!! :biggrin:
    Good job girl! You must be doing some things very right! ;)
  4. Oh I hope so!

    I'm a good gf, so I think I deserve it :smile:

    And I think he knows how much I'm struggling with this purse ban :push:
  5. Wish my BF felt the same! He is happy for me to buy all the bags I want, but he earns a lot less than me so no hope of any giftage....
  6. Awww...

    Well I'm earing peanuts at the moment being a full-time student and I think he feels for me, knowing what I earnt (and spent!) before going back to study!

    My BF earns good money - but I dont ever expect gifts, although it is nice!

    He got me my first Bal (05' Navy Twiggy) and I got my Rouge Vif City and Coin Purse...
    So I guess its his turn again :roflmfao:
  7. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I have been married for 9 years (I got married when I was 20) And this is the best advice I can give... If they think something is their idea (i.e. you make them think that it is their idea) you can do whatever you want. Evil, I know. I got a french blue city for our anniversary using this tactic. Now I need to figure out how to get that work I'm dreaming about! Positive bbag energy going your way*******!
  8. ^good advice.. lol

    If you get another bag fashion cult, you gotta post pics ;) is there a particular color you are aww-ing over?
  9. Oh, I will DEFINATELY post pics!

    I'm really open to colours. I already have Navy, Blue India and Rouge Vif in my current collection.

    Styles I am considering: Work, Breif or Purse (I wont kill his wallet with a weekender)

    I'm thinking maybe a brown colour... hmmm decisions decisions...

    I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself :shame:
  10. aww what a cool SO!
  11. ** UPDATE **

    I jokingly sent him an email with a few eBay auctions of bags I like and told him to take his pick...


    Just had a phone convo with him and he approached the subject with me about which one I liked.

    I sent him auctions of a Breif, Bowling and a Work

    He said he liked the Bowling...

    So if he tells me I can get one, which do I choose?

    I've never considered the Bowling before...!

    I was thinking maybe the Breif or a Purse... or a Work?
  12. This is such a cute story. Can't wait to hear what happens next! I definitely think your SO is a sweetie!
  13. out of the three choices, my fav is the Work!
  14. I was set on the work, but now I'm thinking that the Work is simaliar to the City just a tad bigger, so I should go for the Breif...

    Well, when it comes down to it - I'll take whatever I can get my dirty little hands on :graucho:
  15. You lucky girl! start looking immediately. So what are you eyeing?