Gettin' in the MJ Groovee....A Reveal!

  1. Well, I am sure by the title I have given the surprise away...but none the less I was excited to share my most recent purchase with you ladies! This is the first MJ I have bought and plan on keeping! I really like it so much more than I expected, and it smells like leather heaven!

    So a little teaser:
  2. ooooh take it off! yay!
    reveal reveal!
  3. YAY!!! I am glad someone is around for this!;)

    This one will seal the deal!:p

  4. And b/c I am so impatient...TA DA!

    Here she is in all her glory:




    I read over the MJ care sections, but what do you ladies recommend I treat this beauty with? Does anyone have this particular bag and if so have you treated yours? The leather is on the lighter side, and I think will scratch easily, so I am a little scared to use it w/out treating it. Should I treat the handles with FHO?
    MJGroovee4.jpg MJGroovee5.jpg MJGroovee6.jpg
  5. I LOVE it!!
  6. Thank you heathie02! I love it too! Which of course is a really good thing!:smile:
  7. congrats! i love it!
    i don't have any recs for the care of it (sorry) but have found that leather conditioner (apple guard or others) helps buff out small/light scratches sometimes. :yes:
  8. That's really beautiful Scoobie!!!! Which groovee is this?
  9. Congrats on an awesome bag! This makes me excited for the Groovee in Aluminum that I've pre-ordered.....I really like the rolled handles on yours, a nice little detail. Enjoy!
  10. Love your new bag!
  11. Welcome to the Groovee club!! I have last season's in Indigo so it's slightly different. Great bag. I condition mine with a good leather conditioner (we don't have Appleguard in Australia) and it keeps it in mint condition. Beautiful leather. Sigh...
  12. The Groovee is such a great looking bag! Love the color. Congrats scoobiesmomma!!:woohoo:
  13. I love it!!! the colour is amazing...i so want one!!(and i'll probably buy it, but shhh :p )
    congrats, scoobiesmumma!
  14. congrats! you got the lauren conrad bag everyone's been going crazy over! i really like the colors, lining, and especially the handles.