Get'em Girls! 3 bbags on sale at Barneys BH!!!

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  1. Pato just posted this tonight at the end of another thread so I thought I would start it's own thread. Somebody grab these! I just bought my 2nd bbag today so I am banned for awhile :sad:

    Re: Balenciaga in L.A. - Violet or Jaune?
    I was just at Barneys BH and they had one small dark violet Balenciaga on sale for less than $600. The SA told me it was a Box (I am not and expert, it was slightly smaller than my Twiggy) and then two big totes (once again don't know the style's name) one in beautiful dark orange and the other in violet for less than 600 too. I am really bad about styles' names but if anybody is interested PM me so I can provide further details. There were still there at 7 when the store closed so they should be there ealy in the morning. They were GORGEOUS.
  2. I think I should give more info. As I said, I only own one BBag so I am not an expert so please call the store before going there. I looked at the reference library and found the colors in these pics that are quite close to what I saw today. The large bag was a courier (they had one in ink and the other in orange) and the other a box (ink). I left the store at 7:00 and were still there. Good luck and Please let me know if anybody gets them!!!
    ink box.jpg orange color.jpg
  3. aww i wish i lived in L.A., esp at times like this!
  4. i just called them and had the worst experience with their SA over at handbags ... most impatient SA ever...
    whew i was this close to buying.. never mind... :tdown:
  5. I actally just had a good experience with them by phone ... I put a first on hold and am on my way to see it!

  6. Yes, she was nasty to me yesterday too. I tried taking pics of tha bags to post them here and she went a little crazy. over it.

  7. I am soo glad. Good luck!!!!!
  8. nice SA.......I am getting the Ink Courier!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::wlae::wlae::woohoo:
  9. was the Courier on sale too Meno??


  10. Congratulations!!!!! I am sooooo happy somebody is getting her. I had to exercise sooo much restrain yesterday when I saw it. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I just picked up the Rouille first I had on hold -- SO perfect!:yahoo: The sale bags are all gone now except for a fringy Prada. The SA asked me how I heard about the sale -- she said the bbags were all sold over the phone during a 30 minute time frame! Thanks Simona! :woohoo:

  12. Yes it was !!!!!

  13. thankyou for letting us know about the sale!!!!! Bought the Ink courier and will carry it proudly between hot flashes!!:graucho:

  14. Oh my God! I am sooooooo happy for you guys. Enjoy!!!!!!
  15. Hey ladies,
    I was just there at 4:00 today even though I said no more bags :shame: ... I bought the ink courier over the phone and was going to have it shipped but decided I couldn't wait so I headed over there. I took a look at it and it was HUGE! :wtf: I tried it on different ways and tried to remember what it looked like in the photos here but it was alot bigger. So I asked the SA - is this the giant courier? She said it was - no wonder! The original price was $1175 it was on sale for $659 so it was SO HARD to say no but I couldn't see myself wearing such a large bag. So I returned it. The SA put it on a rack and before she even rang in my void these two girls swooped it up and bought it on the spot! Crazy! I saw another girl there who bought the ink box - I helped to talk her into it ;) wanted to ask if she was a tpf-er but was shy. I was there with my daughter if you read this! One thing I learned... ink is an incredible color and I think I do want something in ink... oh, well... hopefully next time I'll find a style I can wear.
    So, menomama they must have had 2 ink couriers! Congrats and post pics!!!
    Thanks again Pato for the heads up!!! TPF girls rock!