GET or NOT GET?--Chanel PINK cambon Mobile phone case

  1. I am in a state of confusion right now.....should I get this CHANEL PINK CAMBON MOBILE PHONE HOLDER or NOT? :rolleyes:

    anybody out there who owns this? aside from a razr phone, what can it fit inside? I really really like it since it has a zippered top which makes it unique from the other mobile phone holders. Is it comfortable to use? I havent seen this in IRL yet but it seems to me its as small as a wapity? (pls correct me if I am wrong)

    it has a belt loop at the back too but I doubt if i can use it like that

    pls give me feedback and advice please.

    a friend from NY is selling me this which he got from the Chanel sale..its $350 less 40% = $210 (GOOD DEAL OR NOT)

  2. its tiny. smaller then the wapity for sure. the belt loop is weird. id buy it to keep change in it or something, not a phone.
  3. I had one in black with white - lost it after only one week - but I loved it! Replaced it with a pink one on sale. Definately smaller than wapity but could be uses as a small lipstick, credit card holder etc. Its really cute.
  4. I saw this at the boutique. I don't own one so I can only "guesstimate" for you. It'll probably not fit much more other than your Razr. Maybe something as thin as an Ipod nano or some cards/loose cash.
  5. thanks for all the advice, I finally decided to get it and my friend shipped it already :yes:

    cougess --- OOOOHHH myyy you lost the black/ white one? its $350 retail, it must have hurt a lot when you lost it plus the things inside :cry: but i'm glad you got one that is on sale

    i wonder if the sale did include the black/white one or did it come is the beige/black combo?
  6. i'm glad u got it
    i like it ;)
    it's so cute!
  7. THANKS! i am excited to see it! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. I did not lose my phone, only the case (which was $380 plus tax)! I was in a cab making calls and the case fell out of my purse. I was sooo upset because all I could think about was the next person would find it and think it was probably fake! The black white did not go on sale.
  9. That is so cute!
  10. Please post photos? I think I know the case you mean, but didn't know about the belt thing on the back. I think it is adorable. I would love it in black or white, but have been ogling a pink one (the call of the sale price).
  11. when i get the phone case by next week, I will surely post the pics here :smile:
  12. I would SURELY be upset too! :rant: imagine losing something worth $380! I would have cried my hearts out ;) lucky is the one who got that phone case of yours
  13. I have never seen this. Does anyone have a picture?
  14. I Got The Phone Case Today! :yahoo:

    will post pictures later!

    for something so cute, actually it can fit my razr phone and still has space for probably some cards, cash and even a small lipstick :yes: :amazed:
  15. Congrats! I was looking at one on ebay but my funds are low right now due to an epi craze I went through. I'm happy someone else got one!