Geri Halliwell has baby girl

  1. :love: since she reminds me of my teen-age phase of my life .. i was searching for her latest news after i read that George Michael had threw her a baby shower party 2 weeks ago ...

    if some1 can confrim ..plzz do :flowers:

    Geri i love u
  2. Ohhhh...I love her, too!!!! But I didn't know she was pregnant!
  3. YAY!!! I am SO HAPPY for her!!!:biggrin:
  4. she deserves the best ....
  5. She kept the secret well. No pics, no nothing just all of a sudden she had a kid.
  6. lol theres been pics round for months now in england!

    spice girl reunion i say! yay!!!
  7. yessss....I love the Spice Girls! I was just watching Spice World on TV last different Victoria looks!
  8. Me too. :shame:
  9. She looks fantastic. Apart from a few unhappy run-ins with suntan lotion a few years ago, she's always looked pretty decent IMHO.
  10. yaay I'm so happy for her :smile:
  11. She looks good. I remember the episode she was in for SATC.
  12. Never thought she could sing, dance, or act but she seems like a nice person.
  13. Which spice was she again? I completly forgot... i was more of a Hanson fan back in middle school, lol.
  14. Ginger Spice....her baby's name is Bluebell Madonna.....
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