Geri Halliwell and Bluebell Madonna out in London

  1. Former Spice Girl and new mom, Geri Halliwell, was spotted out in London with daughter Bluebell Madonna, 8 months.
    [​IMG] :love: :heart: she is so cutie:yes:
  2. She is adorable!
  3. such a nice piccie :smile:
  4. She is so precious!
  5. Great Pic Dazzle :heart:
  6. CUTE!!!:love:
  7. very cute
  8. so cute! I love Geri!
  9. aww no pic, i tried copying and pasting the url, still :sad: i love geri tho lol.
  10. Cute pic. They both look great.
  11. They both look so incredibly cute. Still wish I could rename that baby though!
  12. so adorable!
  13. Those cheeks are so pinchable....:cutesy:
  14. Wow Geri´s bod is hot! Bluebell is too cute!
  15. awww how cute!