Gerard Darel question

  1. Hello! I have the classic charlotte 24hr. however the ties at the end keep getting undone! what can i do?? I tried tying them real tight but they don't seem to be able to last for the whole day.. help!
  2. That's is really strange. mine don't move at all. Maybe your bag is not full enough? Are you doing a bow tie? Could also have somehing to do with the leather you chose. Mine is thick brown leather, so myabe it helps it hold better.
  3. Try knotting it.
  4. some of my charlottes do that too! i think like betises lau said that it has to do with the leather!

    I just tie them really tight and it doesn't bother me if i have to redo it once in a while :smile:
  5. i have the black old leather... i think my problem was i got the ties un-tied once and it's never tight enough ever since! i got my bag off ebay and there were some marks on it therefore i took it to the leather guy and he has to take the ties out to get a close inspection.. sighn
  6. how often do they untie?
  7. I have that problem with mine too. I just knot the leather laces they never bother me again. As long as the metal caps at the two ends are still there, I am not too worried.