Gerard darel girls-if i'm a zip top gal, will i regret gd???

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  1. Hi Ladies, this longtime Bal lover is thinking of taking the GD plunge. My local retailer here seems to only carry the styles that don't have zip tops. I believe they have the 24 and 36 hour styles. They have some lovely colors and I've come so close to buying, but just haven't because I'm a lover of zip tops. I'm terrified that my things will fall out while I'm wrangling my little one, going through airport security, etc......I can try to zip my wallet in the inside pocket (not sure if it's too big though as it's a Balenciaga mini compagnon and it might be a bit too large to zip into the inside pocket). Those who have these bags, do you think I'll totally regret getting one because of this???
  2. I love the GD 24 heurs bag! That said, i don't think the inside zipper pocket is big enough for a wallet, maybe a small wallet...

    I do get a bit concerned about security when I wear this bag, but i try to be aware of my surroundings, keep my wallet toward the front, and keep my arm tight over the bag. So far so good!
  3. I haven't had any problems, and I have a toddler. However, if you are going to worry while carrying the bag, then you won't enjoy the bag or whatever you are doing while carrying the bag.

  4. It hasn't caused any problems for me either, however I'm not out and about that much and I carry very little in my bag. this a retailer in the US that has all these styles and colors in GD bags?
  5. Thanks so much ladies for the input. The retailer called Grieder is in Zurich, Switzerland where I live, so unfortunately not in the US. Sounds like it's so hard to find these in the US. Grieder is the only store I believe that has them where I live, but at least France is just next door to me. Not quite as hard to get to.
  6. I really love my Gerard Darel :heart:, I think you won't regret it if you get one. Even though it doesn't have a zipper, the top seems to stay closed pretty well with just the snap closure. My only complaint about GD is the lack of interior pockets. I also have a mini compagnon and it doesn't fit inside the pocket. I used to own a 36 hrs and the interior pocket was larger, so it would be able to fit your wallet :yes:
  7. I'm going to Paris next weekend and am very excited about visiting the store. Which size are you going to get?
  8. So I pulled the trigger and got a 24 h bag in a dark blue with the coated leather. I think it's like a crinkled patent almost. Not sure of the official name. I got opinions from SA's and other shoppers on what color they liked most (they had the bronze, silver, another crinkled patent in a dark magenta-ish color and python). I, of course, wanted the python, but at 2500 I couldn't swing it. Bronze was my 2nd choice, but the consensus was that it was too common and not "special" as they say in Switzerland. The magenta'ish color was gorgeous, but I wouldn't be able to wear it with much and they told me they thought it was too much of a trend color that I'd regret later. The blue is pretty cool as it reminds me of a dark denim color. Once I get my camara fixed, I'll post some pics. So, I can tell I'm already hooked on this brand due to the lightweight nature of these bags. That's why I've always been a Balenciaga devotee because they're so light. It's nice to have another alternative to buy when looking for lightweight stylish bags. Plus, you're all correct in that even with no zipper my things feel pretty secure inside it. :tup:
  9. If you're a fan of the zipper top then get a GD midday midnight, they are fab and beautiful :smile:
  10. That's definitely on my list to check out next time I'm in Paris. Looks like such a cool style!!!
  11. Congrats benr! I can't wait to see pics!