Gerard Darel Charlotte or COACH Legacy Shoulder Bag?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need a nice black bag and actually decide for the black COACH legacy shoulder bag but since I read a couple of threads about the Gerard Darel Charlotte I just can't make up my mind...:crybaby:

    Please help me decide: Which one is a good day to night bag?

    (And if you are for the Darel bag, do you know where I can get it around NY?)

    :flowers: Thanks a lot!!!:flowers:
    10328_B4BK-1_d2.jpg Gerard.jpg
  2. I've got my eye on the Coach bag as well. :yes: I haven't seen the Darel bag irl though.
  3. I have the Coach bag in plum suede and I adore it! It's very roomy without being huge and I know a lot of the ladies on the Coach board love the black legacy leather. I don't know about the other bag, but that's the "inside track" on the legacy! Whatever you wind up with, enjoy and share some pics when you got it!
  4. I definitely will! :yes: I actually wrote a response to you in the other thread this morning about how incredibly roomy this bag really is-you were so right!:yes:
  5. I would go with the darel, I like carrying something that isn't mainstream. But I do love the legacy collection, stocking up on the striped accessories!!
  6. I'd go for the Darel
    a) you are already having the coach
    b) the design of the Darel is more classic and is matching more different styles in your wardrope
  7. haha....well, you know what i'm going to say, since i just bought the charlotte :smile:

    in all honesty, though, they're totally different....if you prefer a more structured style, the legacy is going to work better for you, but if you like a "throw everything in one bag and go" kind of thing, the GD is a great choice. or, if you're not picky one way or the other, it might be kind of nice to have one of each style. the GD is also bigger than the legacy, so maybe it would be nice to have the change in size, in case you want to pack some extra things around??

    wow, i'm really helpful, aren't i? :wlae:

    get the GD....sometimes it's fun to have a bag not everyone recognizes :smile:
  8. I would go with the Gerard Darel. The Darel bags just seem nicer than the Coach bags in the same price range.
  9. The Darel is a more casual bag overall, and I don't think the two are comparable, really. At least I would use them for entirely different purposes. I like the styling on the Legacy bag more, but the Darel is softer and more casual; I wouldn't consider it a day to evening purse, though (maybe it's just me). It just depends on how you intend to use it.

  10. I know-you are absolutely right. I also like the style of the legacy bag a lot more but I really wanted a bag with two handles as they are more versatile so I think I have found a good compromise which I am definitely going to buy now.:yahoo:

    :yes:Thanks for your thoughful responses!:flowers:

    I really appreciate it and just love this forum-it is full of kind people!:smile:
    Dream Bag.jpg
  11. :yahoo: I love, love, LOVE the satchel! That's better than either the shoulder bag or the Darel!
  12. Oooh, lucky you -- our local Coach store said that the only place you can find the plum suede bags now is in NYC. Sniff.

    The satchel, I gotta warn y'all, is HUGE and heavy. Reminiscent of a Marc Jacobs bag in that respect, IMHO, but if that floats your boat, there you go. :smile:
  13. i do love the legacy satchel...but mharvey is's heeaaavvvyyy! i went in to buy it and bailed because my biceps weren't buff enough for that bag.

    plus, something in me just has a hard time with $800 for a coach bag.....*shrug* for that price, you could get the GD and the other legacy bag you wanted!
  14. I vote for the Coach, it's gorgeous and is very verastile.
  15. I vote gerard darel!