Geranium wallet....totally disappointed! Now what to do?

  1. OK, so I bought the Hamptons Leather New French Purse (wallet) in Geranium:

    and it came today, but I am totally disappointed! The color is way more orange than I thought and it is not a flattering shade IMO. I had seen the new Madeline in Geranium at the store and thought it looked more poppy-red, so naturally I expected the wallet to match! Nope.

    So I am sending back tomorrow and now I am stuck between the same wallet in the Brass/Green:

    or a color that JAX calls Canary. Anyone seen this IRL or have another leather peice in the same shade? I want to know if the Canary is really bright or more of a subtle yellow, and either way, what color is the inside (since the wallet has contrasting color on the inside and JAX could not provide me with this info). TIA ladies!!!
  2. I sold the green leather in the larger size wallet on eBay, it was really nice! I'd love to see the Canary color!
  3. might this be it? It's on Coach Japan

  4. or [​IMG]
  5. I don't know if I like that color?! It kind of gives me a headache looking at it, LOL!
  6. I don't know if I like either of those colors, I like the lighter version better of thw two^^. But how to tell if that's the same yellow as Canary? arghhhh! Thanks everyone for responding! I really like the green, it has baby blue interior, I may go with that!
  7. Ooh definitely the green. Its a beautiful color and can act as a nice neutral to work with many different colors of bags. The yellow is - well - yellow! Not my favorite color at all, but that's just me!
  8. canary is the same yellow color that's on the bleecker collection. It's a BRIGHT yellow,
  9. The green w/the blue is really pretty. I want one now!
  10. ah yes, wow I see what you're talking about peacocky...very bright!
  11. oh, and there is a patent in chambray under the same style number that's available to order for this style.
  12. forgive me, what color is chambray? if it is blue, that one is not available right now according to JAX.
  13. thanks for all the responses!
  14. that's odd. my SA pulled it out from the back to show me. I'm addicted to anything in patent so she always shows me.
  15. well, JAX calls it blue, so maybe it's not the same one. I'm not crazy about patent though, thanks anyways! was it at least pretty?