Georgia Rule ( Lots of LV )

  1. Hey guys, I was on a car trip today and my mom rented some movies and of course we get stuck with chick flicks :/ Anyway one of the movies was Georgia rule and there were so many LV references!! In the beginning the mom I think its Felicity Huffman who says " take all the luggage out but the Louie Vuitton's, their the ones with the LV's all over them" and her keepall is seen through the movie. In the end her husband throws the keepall on the ground and she is seen walking on the road with her keepall and chanel bag! I was like there are some good parts to this movie lol.

    Anyone else seen it?

  2. i was looking for it but couldn't find it. close this if u want
  3. ^^^I am glad you posted it, I always forget to check that thread! I am sure others do too :smile:
  4. thanks tink :smile:
  5. I saw the movie last weekend and loved all the LV references.
  6. I loved all the LV references too.... hope this isn't too OT, but the storyline of the movie REALLY bothered me... thought I was just in for a typical chick flick, and got something completely serious, but without the serious treatment it deserves.

    I, too, don't check the Movie/TV ref thread... I spend too much time watching TV without bonus LV-TV-related talk :p
  7. Oh cool.
  8. I want to see this movie!!
  9. OOh! i just watched this yesterday

    i actually dont like the way the mom said Louis Vuitton in the movie. it just sounded weird to me!
  10. I wanna check this movie out now! :tup:
  11. I JUST got finished watching this, I completly agree. It really threw me for a loop...I was not expecting that kind of storyline...

    But I did love the LV's and cringed when they were thrown on that nasty dirt road. :wtf:
  12. interesting:confused1:
  13. Now I wanna see the movie too! Not just for the LV"s
  14. I want to see it too!