Genetic Denim ~ My new almost favorite jeans.

  1. True Religion is my absolute favorite, but TR does not make a wide leg style.

    I saw that several celebrities were wearing Genetic Denim, so I went to Shopbop to check things out. Genetic Denim has so many cute styles. I ordered the wide-legged and another pair of skinnies.

    I received them yesterday, and today I'm wearing the skinnies. They are fabulous! Both pair fit my bod perfectly. Anyone else hooked on this brand?



  2. adorable!!!!! wow. WHat size did you get and what size are you in true religion
  3. OMG I need these jeans!!! (I'm kind of a science nerd and the double helix thing is awesome).

    The problem... I have NO idea what size I would wear! I've never even tried on any designer jeans.
  4. Oh those are cute jeans! I have a few pairs of wide leg jeans and I never wear them. I'm really into skinny and boot cut.
  5. I love Genetic denim! I have the second pair you posted. They seem to run big.
  6. I have one pair of GD, and they are fabulous. They are so soft and comfortable.