1. I haven't seen these around much. I did get a pair of Gold Nappa leather ones on sale last summer. Were they popular? Here, they also came in black satin. They're a good evening shoe if you want something low-heeled.
  2. Has anyone seen a pair of gold CL Generalpi shoes anywhere? I almost bought them once and then didn't, and I've been regretting it ever since! I'm desperate to find some somewhere...any thought? TIA!!
  3. what do these look like? :shrugs:
  4. Does anyone have a picture of these? Not sure what they look like.:shrugs:
  5. LOL double post.... I have no idea.
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  7. Thanks karwood, Sorry I have not seen them in gold anywhere.
  8. Is the style number the same for every store? Like if I got it off the Bluefly website, could I call a different store and ask for that style number?
  9. The style is probably almost a couple of years old by now.

    They're a nice low-heel evening shoe. Not flashy. Not a cheap gold.
  10. I think Holts might have these in black satin. I can't remember if I saw them last time I was there.