Gel topcoat over regular nail polish

  1. Yes! Just use a buffer block or file and file off the layer of top it off - it doesn't have to be all off, but you want a non-shiny surface. Put on your regular np. Let it dry COMPLETELY. Put on top it off again and cure! :smile:

  2. Ahh, you're right. I called my beauty supply store and the owner said I need to file it till the seal breaks, then take off the NP underneath using NP remover. I'll check out the Seche Vite soak off gel t/c, thanks for the heads up! So far though I am liking the Naked Seal.
  3. You can see my review of this in post #5 of

    Can anyone tell me if Naked Seal will also cure under an LED lamp? I'm really new to SOGs, and want to learn all I can to expand my options.
  4. This is a red carpet manicure sandwich mani. I used the rcm base coat, white hot on tips, Opi I pink I love you (regular nail polish) then about an hour waiting to dry well, I applied rcm top coat and voila!!
  5. How long does your sandwich normally last for?
  6. I am going to give this a try next mani. I have tried the shellac base+top with regular polish and it worked well. But imagine how easy the removal would be with just a regular basecoat underneath.
  7. I would love to try this top coat. Does anyone know where to purchase it?
  8. Hi to all of you!!
    I have a question...
    If I use Gelish top coat over np, do I have to use all of the previous gelish steps, like ph bond and foundation? How can I start to use that method??
    I am a np maniac, I want to have my nail color pretty for several days, but I don`t want to have the same color for two or three weeks!!
  9. If you are only wanting to wear it for a few days, I wouldn't start trying to add a soak off gel topcoat. Unless you can't keep regular polish on, Just use a good basecoat like maybe CND Sticky or Orly Bonder and a good topcoat. Many of the users here can wear regular polish for several days, you just have to find basecoat and topcoat combos that work for you. I am one of the ones who can't keep regular polish on no matter what I do though. LOL.

    You could also do a clear or very light colored Gelish manicure in it's entirety, then put regular polish over the top of it with regular topcoat. it seems to wear better of the SOG, but you can just remove it with non-acetone polish remover and change it
  10. I cannot seem to find a place to purchase Naked Seal top coat. Does anyone know where to find this product?
  11. I would also like to find a place to purchase this. :biggrin:
  12. I haven't been able to find it anywhere for sale in the US
  13. i heard that naked seal is sold at beauty shop in Westminister CA
  14. Thank you. I contacted KDS a week ago and have not received a response yet.