Gel topcoat over regular nail polish

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  1. I think I've found the holy grail. I have more NP than I can count, and even though I have a couple dozen soak off gel polishes, I don't want to leave my regular polishes languishing in my Helmers, but I don't like changing my polish every 2-3 days. When I went to my neighborhood beauty supply store, the owner gave me a tip on how to prolong my regular manicures (using regular NP): by using a gel top coat. He then gave me this:

    It's a gel top coat that you apply over your regular nail polish and cure for 3 minutes under UV light. It gives the most amazing shine and I feel like the NP sticks like glue to the nail. It is perfect for people like me who appreciate longer manicures (like a 5 days to a week) but get bored with the same color for 2 or more weeks. It's the perfect compromise! I am really loving it and I just had to share the experience. I am just on my second day using it but I feel it will really last a long time.

    You don't need a special gel basecoat for this. Just use your regular base coat and NP and apply this over the polish. Does anybody have experience using this kind of technique? I am just loving it.
  2. Has anyone used the "Nutra Nail Gel System?" I just saw a print advertisement for it in a magazine and was curious if anyone has tried it.

  3. How do you remove it?
  4. This is interesting. I would love to use some of my regular nail polishes. Is there a place to buy it online?
  5. I wonder if you could just use any of the SOG top coats over regular base coat and polish as long as you let it completely dry. I think I might try this next week. I would love to use some of my regular polishes but have the gel protection and shine. I will let you know how if goes.
  6. Hmm- this could be promising
  7. I've been thinking about buying a gel topcoat and a uv light just for this but I held off on buying since I know nothing about SOGs and how to remove them and such. I would love to know how this turns out though! I might reconsider buying a gel topcoat!
  8. I haven't tried yet but most probably the foil method I use with SOGs- acetone in lint-free pads wrapped around tips with foil.
  9. Someone in another nail board says she uses the Shellac top coat and it works perfectly and stayed on for a week before she took it off because the shade was already boring her. I have the Gelish top coat but I haven't tried it yet. Naked Seal is specifically both for natural and gel nails, although it is a bit hard to find.
  10. I'll definitely do an update. I am just super excited about this as I am really a nail polish person. I have so many NPs and want to have week-long manicures, but 2 weeks is much too long and boring for me as with SOGs. I can't believe there is such a compromise for nail polish addicts like me. lol.
  11. How does it come off? There is no mention of soaking off, so it may be a file-off top coat. The nail tech I was going to used a similar product, but it had to be filed-off. If it is soak-off - great!

    If you want a UV-cured Top Coat for regular nail polish that soaks off, there are also ones by Seche Vite (you can buy it at Sally's) and also one by China Glaze.

    You can always use your regular nail polish sandwiched between Gelish base coat and top coat. And I, even though I'm pretty much an all-SOG gal now, will file off the top coat and apply a different color at the one-week mark, only soaking off every 2 weeks. So, you can use your regular nail polish within a SOG system and you can change your color more often than every 2 weeks. :biggrin:
  12. When you apply your regular nail polish after filing off the top coat, do you use the Gelish topcoat again or a regular topcoat? I have tried applying regular polish on top of the Gelish and then regular topcoat but it doesn't last long, maybe a day or two. I am rough with my nails.

  13. Gelish topcoat again. :smile:
  14. Thank you! I am going to try that next time. I get bored with my colors after one week too and I would like to take advantage of my regular polishes without them chipping off. I guess I will have to make sure the regular polish is nice and dry first before applying the Gelish topcoat.
  15. I am also interested in this. I can't wait to see how it works out, especially how easily it removes. Keep us posted!