Geez, I hate ebay sometimes

Are they asking for more pix and stuff like that, or are they just asking for some hand-holding?

If you've got good pix and they just want hand-holding, I can see how it would be annoying. After all, the pix tell the whole story, don't they?
It has been my experience when you have a potential buyer like this one, you are going to have more trouble down the road.

This type of person tends to be a chronic whiner who is dissatisfied with some aspect of her/his life. The prototype tends to be paranoid and will not be happy no matter what.

My advice is to not sell to them. Block their bids.

I just did this with a potential buyer when I got sick of their obnoxious whining.

I have dealt with people like this before and they can't be pleased.

You have already gone the extra mile.
grr i hate when that happens! i understand though, especially since these bags are so expensive, insurance is always a lot of money, and usually with all the fees added up, the S&H price ACTUALLY DOES come to $20+. I find a lot of buyers dont understand this aspect when they complain about shipping prices. And that doesn't included ebays fee's either...

good luck though with this buyer, hopefully things go better with the other auctions i noticed you have up! ;)
omg i know i find it insulting when potential buyers send you emails asking you to sell to them below the sb. and throw in free shipping.:rant: :censor: i may want to sell my bags, but not sell you my kindeys either.... geez
has the buyer paid? I read somewhere that if the buyer refuses to pay shipping which is already stated in the auction, then you don't have to go through with the transaction cos buyer is not fulfilling his/her part?

hopefully, you'll get a positive feedback soon, and not more complaints about the condition of the bag.

well, for me, it's the other way round. Bought on ebay a bag which belonged to a PFer, and the condition stated was pristine like new, and I believed it cos it's from a PFer. But it wasn't really, so I actually paid more than I would have. I didn't want to kick up a fuss cos she's a PFer too, but only pointed out nicely that perhaps with her next sale, she should be more accurate in her descriptions. Even if seller had offered just a small refund as a goodwill gesture that would have been appreciated, but nothing. sigh...I did feel disappointed and a little let-down, both by the bag and by the seller, altho I must say that the seller was very friendly.

well, messenger, good luck, and I'd have bought it at the Best Offer price! =)
ebay is a venue for people to buy and sell from,so ebay has no control over what kind of people uses it's services. I think I'm one of those annoying people who ask about authenticity of the bag, there's a lot of scammers on ebay and as a buyer, I can't be sure that the seller is legitimate or not. I've learned that it's better to ask questions than not to and get burned