Gaza Luxe Satchel

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  1. So, in my quest for more HH, I came across a Taupe Gaza Luxe Satchel for sale on another board I'm a member of. She's asking $190. I can't find this bag on the HH website...does anyone know anything about this bag? She only has one picture up so it's hard to tell the size.

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. i have it in prune and i love it! it is a great size IMO - fits 8.5 x 11 papers well, lots of organizational pockets. i brought mine to sweden on vacation as my day bag and the leather got SOO nice after a week of constant use. really soft! i also had this bag for a moment in bittersweet and loved it as well. haven't seen it in taupe but i know someone else here has one...

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    btw i think 190 is fairly reasonable. i paid something like 225$ for mine from HH though prune was the most sought after color i think. some of the other colors went for cheaper i believe in one crazy sale or another, but not less than 150 i am sure.

    Dimensions according to HH:

    size: 16"L x 10"H x 4-1/2"D
  4. I have the leather taupe gaza. I don't know what the 'luxe' might be. It is a good size - good school bag. It's lined in a denim-ish fabric and has tons of pockets. It has a slim profile, so while you could fit files in there without folding, you couldn't fit more than a large textbook, for example. I paid $120ish during an HH sale
  5. Taupe pics - it's a great neutral:

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  6. I also have the taupe Gaza satchel. I use it as my everyday bag and I love the color. The leather has softened over time and it fits everything I need including files, wallet, make up bag plus anything else you want to carry. I have to say it is one of my favorite bags! 190 is a decent price.:tup:
  7. I have a Prune Gaza Satchel. Must say it is the lightest bag I own for it's size. Love it! Like jandelvis - I bought it for $225+ and worth every penny (stays nicely on the shoulder). I was lucky to be home sick from work and this bag came up - did not hesitate to order. :yahoo: Good luck... I hope you get it and like it!
  8. LUXE is apparently Toni's word for 'special' because that's what she called the Basketweave flap Havanas. She also is quoted saying 'Fab" a lot ,which seems wierd for Brooklyn...
    On Gaza, "LUXE" clearly means "washed wrinkled distressed Lambskin". The non-luxe were canvas.
    Weren't Hudson's Luxe ?
    It's the reason I did NOT want a Gaza, because it's practically my least favorite of all leathers. I am however, in :heart: with cargo styling. Anyhow, I had another purse made of the same leather, which I threw in the washing machine for a test. It came out very nicely !
    So I bought Gaza in the LUXE leather. The satchel is one of the most brilliantly designed bags ever ! I only wish it came in washed Goat or Cow.
    I think we are not supposed to discuss values or other boards on tPF, so I will not comment on that but I think the prune is the prettiest. What did the Swedes think of it, Jan ?
  9. Oh, so sorry about the value and the other board thing, :Push: I wasn't aware, I'll make sure I don't do it again. :shame:

  10. Do you dislike lambskin or only washed, wrinkled distressed lambskin? I'm curious because I see a lot of things advertised as lambskin as if it's a more desireable leather. What's not so good about it? :confused1:
  11. I have one in fir, and it's has more pockets than I know what to do with! :P And this is coming from someone who loooooves having multiple pockets/compartments in her bags!

    I have a triple compartment Mercer that sits unused b/c the handles hurt my shoulder, but the Gaza luxe satchel is very comfortable. The handles look identical, so I don't know what the difference is. :confused1: Maybe some subtle change in weight distribution?
  12. I just don't prefer the look or feel of wrinkled lambskin. Cowhides are much nicer finished this way, IMO.
    Lamb comes in all grades and price points, like every type of leather does; it's not inherently better or more desirable than anything else. Advertising can be just hype, but you already knew that.
  13. I have the Gaza luxe satchel in taupe and it is my favorite work bag. I love all the compartments, and it looks great, is lightweight, and everything is organized.
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  15. I agree.... I have the taupe Gaza satchel and love it! I do wish I could find it in the prune color. I would buy it in a heartbeat.