Gave my gold Ali away!

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  1. I just wanted to share a quick story. I had bought a signature/gold ali and I've been staring at it, touching it, trying to love it.... But I just don't.

    I had picked up a beautiful Soho stitched flap hobo at the outlet for a steal and was planning on giving it our daughter who is 22 & married and just got a promotion.

    They came up today (we had to take them to the airport) so I had her prize. I decided at the last minute to let her pick between the black Soho and the gold Ali. She was so adorable, but I could tell she really loved the Ali but was worried that it was too expensive, not the one I originally picked for her, didn't want to hurt my feelings...

    She FINALLY picked the Ali (carried them both to the airport trying to decide!) and I must say she looks so darn cute with it and now I am beyond happy. The Ali has a good home, it so fits her style & fun personality and it is not a bag she has money to buy.

    Guess I'll have to keep the Soho :rolleyes: oh darn.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me tell my story and it felt so good to share!
  2. That is really sweet of you to do that, I bet your daughter is very, very thrilled to have it!
  3. oh what a sweet mom you are!!!! :tender: That is such a nice gesture and I am sure you made your daughters' day!!! :tup:
  4. you are so sweet to give your daughter that beautiful bag. i'm so jealous.
  5. that is so very giving!! I'm sure she shall appreciate it!
  6. Awww!!! That is so very sweet of you and you will be able to love it every time you see it on your daughter!!! I bet she was thrilled and hopefully very appreciative!
  7. How sweet, glad it all worked out for the best! Seems like both of you love your bags!
  8. Sounds like it worked out just right.
  9. Awwww I'd have done the same w/ my gal! You are a good mommy! :flowers:
  10. That is the BEST story! :girlsigh:What a great mom you are. You know she's going to appreciate that Ali & it's a bonus that you love the Soho too.
  11. That is so incredibly sweet! Sounds like you have a very caring daughter!!! What a thoughtful mom you are :smile:
  12. Yay!! Thats such a "Mom" thing to do - let them pick the one they want. Your daughter sounds cute too for trying to not pick the $$ one. I'm glad she got the one she really wanted, and everytime she wears it she'll think of you and :smile:.
  13. You are so sweet! What a great story!
  14. That is a really nice story! You are a very sweet person and wonderful mom!! I bet your daughter is so thrilled, and I think it's also very sweet she was too shy to pick the one she really wanted. I also agree with you about the bag...I picked the gold sig Ali up at Nordstrom Rack and was going to buy it, and then I asked myself why when I wasn't feeling it either! I put it back for someone else to buy and love.
  15. That is awesome! I bet she will cherish it for a very long time. What a way to kick off a promotion and new life! That was wonderful of you.:flowers: