Gauffre - Leather or Nylon?

  1. I am thinking of getting the gauffre bag. Appreciate any opinions on whether to get the leather or the nylon one?
  2. :heart::heart:LEATHER!!!:heart::heart:
  3. Leather, absolutely.
  4. Leather -- I'm just not a fan of nylon bags.
  5. Leather.
  6. Leather. The nylon Gauffres are SO EXPENSIVE for nylon. Yep: dead cow for me, every time! :yahoo:
  7. First choice leather. But the nylon is fabulous too.
  8. Nylon all the practical and good quality
  9. Leather. Nylon is just not worth the $$$$$
  10. Definately LEATHER......

    looks so much better and more worth the money!
  11. I only have the leather and it is such a nice leather - so soft and smooshy - but if you want something which costs a little less, more durable and lighter weight - go with the nylon - still gorgeous!
  12. Leather:drool:
  13. LOL..get one with BOTH NYLON AND LEATHER..I adore my new grey one!HEHE!
    I do prefer all leather over nylon but if u live in a wet climate..Go for nylon
  14. i prefer the functionality of the nylon but the looks of the leather. the nylon is hard to pay for because it is nylon -- but of course, that didn't stop me from doing it!! either way, you can't go wrong!!