Gauchos in Rome and Munich

  1. Hi everyone!

    My Gaucho fever has finally escalated, so I would really need some of your help. I've noticed many of you got their gauchos for half of the price, so I was wondering if it is the case also with stores in Rome or Munich (my BF is going there next week so he could bring me one :graucho:).

    Thnx for any info!
  2. The red, teal and denim gauchos went half price in the US at Saks and the Dior boutiques. I think most of them have sold out by now. Hopefully another member can respond about any sales in Rome or Munich.
  3. Thanks starbuxxx! My BF flew to Rome today so I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  4. I live in Greece and the sales are going to start this week. So most likely Italy will be around this time as well.
  5. I was in Athens last week :sad:! If I knew that perhaps I would stay a couple of days longer.

    Thanks anyway!