Gaucho in red or black?

  1. I need help...I can't decide on the color I want to purchase the Gaucho bag in red or black? Any suggestions?:wondering
  2. I have a red one and I LOVE it. It's more unique in red I think than black.
  3. I second the red!
  4. I LOVE the black!
  5. Black is classic but i think you'd better be a bit adventurous with this style. So my vote is red.
  6. Thank you, I made my decision. I ordered the large Gaucho in red!
  7. Large Gaucho red tote at our house. Jewelery and sunglasses from the Gaucho line are really nice.
  8. out of the two i would pick red.
  9. I can't wait to get it. I haven't purchased a black handbag in a long time (that's why I thought about the black). I see it in red a lot, which is why I feel in love with it when I saw it in a magazine. The red looks so divine and the black, so chic and cute.
  10. Congrats on your purchase!!! I am sure you will love it!! Good color choice, too! Please post pics!
  11. Thank you! I paid for next day shipping, it should arrive today.

    I love this site. My friends and family thinks I'm crazy b/c I love purses so much and the amount of money I have spent on them. I have to keep remindering them what you spend your money on is something I won't spend mines on.
  12. congrats, i'd buy it in red, too! :yes:
  13. I love the red one!!! :love: good choice and congrats!
  14. I received my Gaucho and it is so lovely!:yahoo:I carried it today and I love how it looks. The leather is so soft. :heart: the slouch in the bag.
  15. You must post pics!!!:yes:
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