Gathered or Legacy

  1. WIth all of the beautiful reveals here of everyones Legacy purchases I am again asking for the help of wonderful TPF ladies. Do I exchange my beautiful Aubergine gathered for legacy or would I be sorry?? Your opinions please as you ladies know what you are talking about!!!
  2. If u do I am gonna beat you!!!
  3. LMAO! I have to agree!:goodpost:
  4. Wish I could find a deal on a gathered like you did CforC!!! Then I could have both!!! You always have the best luck!!!
  5. If you love the gathered aubergine, and would regret getting rid of it. I say keep it. How long have you had it? If you have had it for quite awhile, but have not used it. Why? Then you might want to think about getting a Legacy or a bag you will use. For me if I buy a bag and don't move in right away or within a week, then I never move into it.
  6. I would keep the gathered! The Legacy line just does not appeal to me.
  7. I have the gathered aubergine and love it. I would absolutely regret if I returned it for any reason. The new Legacy line is classy and timeless--so are the original Legacy bags available on eBay for a fraction of the current prices. I satisfied my Legacy desire by buying a couple of the original, thick leather, made in USA bags available on eBay. You have to be patient and figure out what you want. If you're worried about authenticity you could have a bag authenticated here. In my opinion, the leather on these vintage bags is thicker and nicer than the leather on the new Legacy. Good luck!
  8. That is a great idea! Keep the gathered and score a legacy on ebay. But it also depends on whether you like the shape of the sophia or lindsey gathered. If the bag isn't working for you I can see why you would want to return.
  9. You would be sorry. For me, the Legacy line does not hold a candle to the gathered.
  10. I guess I will be the odd man out here :smile: I vote Legacy.

    I guess it really boils down to what you love more. After having several gathered leather bags I ultimately decided that I like regular leather better and parted ways with my gathered bags, no regrets.

    I recently purchased the Candace Carryall and couldn't be happier with her :biggrin:

    Best of luck in making a decision!
  11. I vote for the gathered. I ordered new legacy duffle in cobalt a while ago and returned it right away. You may look up my reveal. I wan't impressed by the gold painted logo and plain cotton black lining. Give them a couple months and they will all be at the outlets like every other bag. I wouldn't be surprised if coach makes MFF versions of them while they are still in FP like they did with Sofias.
    I just bought gathered Abigail at the coachfactory, and with the help from crazyforcoach09 I got a $900 bag for a little over than $300! I think it is gorgeous. And I do know tastes differ.... But I will enjoy it for a long time and gathers will always look classic and unique. There will always be another new bag coming out but for me nothing can top those pleats as far as being timeless! I think you will regret later if you return it.
    Let us know what you decide!
  12. Do not under any circumstances return the gathered aubergine! It's too special. You'll regret it.
  13. Lmao
  14. I vote for Legacy, just because I am so in love with the collection. I have never owned a gathered leather piece, though, so it's ultimately up to you what do with the aubergine. Legacy is worth a check, though ;)
  15. Agree with this post!!! I love gathered Aubergine!!!