Gardenia Leigh & White Mandy Comparison

  1. For those following my revolving door Legacy saga, I ordered the Gardenia Leigh on Saturday & then lucked out finding a White Mandy at the outlet for a steal...

    A few posters wanted to see the color comparison. Here they are side by side. The Leigh is definately more Parchment colored than the Mandy.

    BTW, even though I was 99% sure the Leigh would be going back (I don't need two white bags), when I saw the back of it, I knew for sure it was being returned... it looks like it had chicken pox or something... is it too much to get a 'perfect' bag?!
    006.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG
  2. Congrats on your Mandy deal...she's gorgeous! I agree w/you about returning the Leigh. Thanks for posting the comparison pics.
  3. You're right about the chicken pox! What was Coach thinking? What does it take to get a perfect bag lately? Are we not able to trust JAX to send something wearable? Do we actually have to go to a store each and every time and request they bring out every bag from the back to choose the 'perfect' one to take home? It is getting totally out of hand what passes their quality control people lately!

    By the way, the Leigh is georgous and the color is definately different than the legacy white.
  4. I definitely like the white Mandy better between the two, even if Leigh didn't have chicken pox. Good call!:tup: Enjoy your new bag. :girlsigh:
  5. It's not anyone in Jax's fault! Bags are wrapped up securely at the manufacturer and not unwrapped until they reach stores/customers. That looks like the way the leather was distressed, You're gambling when you choose legacy because of the vintage leather.:shrugs:

    I love that gardenia though, it's a gorgeous color! nice score on the mandy too!
  6. ^That must have been one vintage cow. ;)
  7. At least 110!
  8. sprinkles is right. The vintage leathers are like that. I should know, almost every bag I'm attracted to is in the vintage or vachetta leather for some reason. *L*
  9. Thanks for the pics!! I personally like the Mandy much more! Gorgeous! And I like the white of the Mandy more than I do the Leigh. I'm glad you posted because I was considering a legacy wallet in the gardenia. I'm not sure I want that color now. It's got more of a yellow tone to it right? I thought it might have a bit of a pink tone to it and that's why I wanted the wallet in it.
  10. LOL, Sprinkles!

    Actually, I prefer the vintage leathers because they usually have some unusual markings on them - they are all unique in their own way. :yes:
  11. Yes, definately more yellow. Don't get me wrong I love my other vintage pieces but what bugs me is when the bag has different variations in it's leather (ie. one section is smooth, the next section over is more pebbled).
  12. ^I don't blame you for being bugged. It would bug me too. What I do is just exchange it for another one. All of them are different.
  13. I agree with you Tinks! I understand the distressed look and everything but that patch on the back of your Leigh is beyond messed up ... definitely return it!
  14. Tinks thanks for the comparison pictures, it's great to see these purses together like that and know exactly how each color varies. Sorry you got a messed up Leigh. :yucky: At least it is all working out and you got an awesome Mandy! Congrats!
  15. LOVE the Leigh. Great bag. Congrats!