gals, have any of you been harrassed by bad e-bay sellers (?)

  1. someone who was reported for stealing either my auction or one of my TPF friend's auctions & selling fake bags has been harrassing me they're claiming my b-bags are fake & told me they're sending my photos to verico trade to have them authenticated (which is fine by me since i have nothing to hide)...have any of you had this problem & how do you handle it (?) :shrugs:
  2. wow aaa that truly sucks. too bad some people are so malicious and have so little to do but attack innocent honest people.
    at least you know how the authentication will turn out...
  3. Ignore it. This person is obviously an idiot.
  4. If you are receiving harassing or threatening emails from another Ebayer through the Ebay system use the "report" function that is in the email itself.

    If it is coming directly to you, be sure to retain a copy and also report it to his ISP service. His ISP is required by law to shut his service off if he abuses the terms of service he agreed to. Send it to "" and put in the name of his ISP provider (for instance it would be if his ISP provider were aol).

    I believe that the discussion board on Trust & Safety is monitored by Ebay and you should start a discussion there if you are having an ongoing problem.
  5. hit the report button off to the right side of the message for harrassment. If the messages are through ebay that is.
  6. I'm so new to ebay??? I know, where have I been right?
  7. aaallabama, out of curiosity, what does their email say exactly?

    Those ebayers are obviously POed that they got reported and are trying to take it out on you. I'd tell them to go ahead and prove themselves wrong!
  8. thanks so much for the tips girls, i really appreciate it :tender:...i'm not sure who the seller is because they've changed their user ID...why are there so many bad people in the world?!?! :shrugs:...btw, whenever i type the word "bad" on this forum, i always spell it "bag" the 1st time instead (lol!!!) :lol:
  9. :lol: quote

    About the crazed seller--it hasn't happened to me. I'm sorry it's happened to you. Where do these people come from and how do they end up online? They seem so dysfunctional--you'd think their computer would have crashed and burned a long time ago.
  10. That sucks, aaal. I hope you are able to get it resolved soon. Of course, theirs is an empty threat, since your auction is for an authentic bag, but still it's annoying has heck.
  11. Oh aaa, I'm so sorry. It truly s*cks to have random Ebayers harassing you... like the others said, you'll have no problem with people believing these crazies, but I would report it to Ebay.
  12. It's unfortunate that there are some real idiots out there. Hopefully he/she won't be emailing your bidders saying that your items are fake.
    You could do the whole id private thing, but that can be a turn off for buyers.
    Report them to ebay and make sure all of your correspondence goes through the ebay message system.
    Good luck!
  13. This is exactly why lots of sellers have switched to private auctions. Too many crazy people trying to make trouble for anyone who reports them. Or else they're trying to sell fakes to someone else's bidders. Either way, private auctions are a good way to avoid having :cursing: lunatics contact your bidders.